A brief introduction ...

Shaun - the hubs/"daddy"
Tall, Dark and Handsome!  He's not a man of a many words, but the words that he does say are meaningful and often hilarious!  He is my hero.  He is my knight in shining armor.  He is passive and patient 95% of the time but has been known to turn into Dr. Jekyl when playing video games or during frustrating home improvement projects!  He used to fish every Sunday morning for hours on his bass boat - he now spends his Sundays grocery shopping and watching Blues Clues with Nathan.  His son is his best friend.
May 2010 ... Me and my "bunny" in Mexico!
July 2010 ... The Loves of My Life!

May 2010 ... Always there to protect!

Sissy - the dog 
Poor, poor Sissy.  She is a big, sweet, dumb mutt that doesn't have a mean bone in her body.  She was the first child of the family and quickly became the red-headed step child when Nathan was born.  Poor Sissy.  Her namesake is actually Ci-Ci (yes, after the pizza buffet) but that name quickly became "Sissy" when we realized how big of a wuss she was!  We need to keep a watchful eye on her since she still LOVES to eat socks and steal Nathan's toys.  Play-doh and Mega Blocks are a delicacy to her.  She's 6 years old and I often wonder when she will grow out of her puppy ways. 
Two Peas in a Pod

Sissy as a Puppy (We stopped taking pictures of Sissy after Nathan was born)

Nathan - the boy
Silly Nathan.  Nathan is a bundle of love and energy and goes 100 miles per hour from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep at night.  He is a daredevil and Shaun is his personal roller coaster.  He is by far my life's best creation!  Is he potty trained? No.  Does he still take a binkie? Yes.  Does he know his life is about to dramatically change in a few months?  No.  He's completely clueless even though we talk about the baby everyday!  
Don't let the "innocent" face fool you...

He's a stinker with a capital "S"!

As you can tell ...

Nathan in his prime!

BGL - the girl
Not much to say about her since she's still in process.  From what I can tell, she is going to take after her big brother with her boundless energy!

(Images coming soon!)

Me - the wife/"ma"
I'm me.  I have a "full-time" paying job outside of the home and really enjoy what I do.  But my main focus - my priority - is keeping the above mentioned people happy and fulfilled in life! 
Me!  And my yummy sandwich!

A Brief History
Shaun and I met on Saturday, April 15th, 2000 at Fry Street Fair in Denton, TX.  Shaun was a college friend of my brother Andy . I remember the day like it was yesterday down to what I was wearing and the horrible sunburn I got.  Andy had a firm "no dating my sister" rule with his friends, but something in his gut told him it was okay when Shaun asked him for my number.  We had our first official date 2 weeks later.  In my mind, the date was a free meal and a chance to scratch 2 "types" off my list (college graduate and a Marine).  Little did I know that it was the start of the life I have now.

He popped the question May 1st, 2003, we were married October 9th, 2004 and Nathan was born August 26th, 2008.
August 2001 ... Young and Carefree in Vegas 
November 2001 ... One of the few pictures of Shaun smiling

October 2004 ... Honeymoon in Huntington Beach, CA