Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Morning Mama Win ... Pancake Windmill

Date:  Monday, March 4, 2013, 6:42 AM

Location:  The (still bitchen') kitchen in the Leverett house.

Scene of the Incident:  It was a typical morning in the Leverett kitchen ... the Boy is camped out, half asleep in his soaked pull-up, watching the morning news; the Girl is "helping" Mama make a nutritious breakfast feast to enjoy before the day begins. 

Mama gives the Girl her frozen "pake" to snack on while the other pancakes take their spin in the microwave for 55 seconds.  During the 55 seconds, Mama pours Katie a sippy of milk and Nathan a cup of OJ and takes the first sip of her coffee (which is cold from sitting untouched for 50 minutes).  As Mama pulls the steaming pancakes from the microwave, Katie pretends the apple cutter left out from last night's dinner prep is a steering wheel (I know ... good job at letting my child play with a sharp kitchen device).  Mama says "Katie, ouchie!  ouchie!  The apple cutter can cut you ... let's not play with it please."  So Katie then sets the apple cutter on top of her nibbled frozen "pake" and Mama has a (very rare) moment of genius!

The apple cutter is the exact same size as the pancakes! 

(cue the choir of angels singing from heaven)

Now the Stink-o-potamuses can have Windmill Pancakes, Flower Pancakes or any other Triangular-Shaped-Pancakes!  Score one for Mama!!  Breakfast just got way more fun and approximately 1:47.3 minutes was cut from the morning routine!

Steaming, fresh, frozen pancakes!

Katie demonstrating on her frozen "pake"

Mama demonstrating as well.

Pancake Windmill!


And I think only parents with children will understand the enormity of this situation ... it REALLY is the little things in life that make us the most happy!

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So awesome!