Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why can't I sleep...

It's 4:17 AM and I can't sleep!

Below are some possible reasons of my restlessness:
1. I am going back to work after a three day weekend and my brain is already hard at work on my to-do list.
2. I have two very pregnant ladies in my life and am wondering how they are sleeping. Or are they possibly in labor?!
3. I had a cup of coffee after my 3:00 PM cut off time.
4. I'm hungry.
5. I have a small skin tag that magically appeared on my right eyelid.
6. I have to fly up north in a few days for work and don't know what outfits to pack.
7. I'm tired.
8. Cracks keep appearing on the walls. Is it time to call out the foundation guys??
9. I can't forget to call the lawn guy! Our yard needs some major TLC!
10. Will my carbon monoxide detector work if there's a leak?
11. I can't remember if I reserved a room at the hotel? If not, I hope the couches are comfortable in the lobby!

Ok. Enough ramblings. I am going to attempt a nap before my alarm goes off in an hour!

P.S. this is a self portrait as I was typing under my covers!

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