Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy VD (valentine's day) ...

My thoughts on Valentine's Day ...

Thought #1:
I've never fully understood the concept of Valentine's Day ... never ... really ... ever!
Why on God's green earth do you need a special day to say "I Love You"?!  If I waited for just one day a year to send my love, I would be up from midnight to midnight calling, texting and yelling my sentiments to anyone that would listen because I (pretty much) love every person I meet.

Thought #2:
As a kid, it was a day to realize how popular you were by the number of valentines you received.
As a teenager, it was a day to either wallow in self pity or make-out with your boyfriend.
As a young adult, it was a day to protest all things "romantic" while internally wallowing in self pity because you didn't have anyone to make-out with.
As a parent, it is a day to sneak candy from your kids when they aren't looking and make out with your husband in the bathroom while the offspring beat on the door yelling "WHATAYADOIN'?"

Thought #3:
I think Valentine's Day is the straw that breaks the camel's back for all of the "I'm Working Out Every Day" resolutioners because it seems like the gym starts to thin out shortly after 2/14. 
My theory is that perfectly amazing people start working out after the first of the year with the hopes of a killer body.  Shortly before Valentine's Day, they are tempted by the aisles of candy at the grocery store.  And their esteem takes a hit when they realize their body isn't super model perfect.  Mix in a "romantic" holiday and it is a recipe for a mental breakdown!

Thought #4:
I understand why the heart is the symbol for love and all things valentine-y ... but, c'mon!  The heart (in it's literal form) is ugly!  I think I am going to make shirts for my kids that look like this:

... well ... I've run out of time for thoughts as I have to go make my son's valentines for his school party tomorrow.  At least now each child has to bring enough valentines so each child in the class receives one.  Maybe this will help break the cycle in thought #2.

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