Monday, February 4, 2013

don't be a samantha ...

Days like this make me remember a magnet I had in my locker during my sophomore year of high school.  It was a cute little mouse with big ears and a little flower that read "I know God won't give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish He didn't trust me so much!"

I am a firm believer that all people I meet in life are here for a purpose and that I should try to learn something from all of my interactions.

That being said, I am faced with an unusually challenging character on a daily basis ... let's call her "Samantha". 
After 11 years in the corporate world, I have mountains of experience in dealing with bullies, wussies, chickens and tattle tales.
Samantha is a single, independent woman with a strong will and amazing sense of pride.  While I respect her independence, strong will and pride, I cannot appreciate her haughty, condescending and passive-aggressive attitude. 

I was face to face with an exceptionally painful conversation with Samantha recently and thank God this was over the phone so she couldn't see the clenched fists and steam coming out of my ears.  I had to mentally keep myself in check and force my yoga breathing throughout the conversation.  "Becky the B" almost came out and that is never a good thing!  After I hung up the phone, I was short of breath and had hives on my neck ... I am not kidding!  She stressed me out to the point of hives!  (I'm even feeling breathless as I mentally recount the conversation!)

When the conversation was over, I took stock and forced a positive light on things so I didn't feel like I wasted 30 minutes of oxygen. 

Some of the key learnings from Samantha are:
1.  Be Nice!
2.  Don't Lie!
3.  Have a Back-Bone
4.  Use Proper English!

But the most important lesson I learned from Samantha is "DON'T BE A SAMANTHA!"

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