Friday, January 4, 2013

Stupid, useless brain ...

Here's the set up:
It's Friday night at 8:30.
Kids are in bed "sleeping"
I have my hot tea and wine.
My fingers are loose and I want to blog.

Buuuuuuuuuhhhhhh ....

My brain is not working with me.

Stupid, useless brain.

The challenge with my blog writing is I like to accompany them with funny pictures to convey my message, but when I actually have TIME to write, my picture subjects are no longer available (because they are asleep).


Instead of a thought provoking, insightful topic, I just have lots of topics bouncing around like pinballs!

Topics are:
1.  There's a silverware thief on the loose!
2.  For sale: 2 single baby shoes
3.  Yes, that's part of a racetrack taped to my TV
4.  What feels better?  Q-tipping your ears or Scratching your back


... ANNNND ...
It is now 9:12 PM, my hot tea is gone, my wine is gone, I have to pee and I am tired.

My apologies to anyone who reads this!  The next one will be better!

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