Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Thoughts ... 1/9/13

Greetings from 20,000 feet up (or however high airplanes typically fly)!  I am en route from the lovely northeast on my way back home!

While cruising at this altitude, I realized that I should take advantage of this uninterrupted down time by working, facebooking, blogging!

So, without further adieu, I give you my first random thoughts of 2013.

1.  Why does it always seem to take longer on the flight back home than it does on the flight to your destination?  Seriously, I feel like I've been on this plane for 99.3 hours!

2.  The gentlemen next to me is watching The Dark Knight ... and it keeps distracting me.
3.  I hate my skin.  Seriously.  I know hate is a very harsh word, but I am sick and tired of these boils that keep erupting on my chin.  hate. hate. HATE!*
love Tyra!

4.  I wonder what state I'm over.

5.  Sorry ... The Dark Knight distracted me.

6.  I miss my babies.

7.  This woman in front of me is pissing me off b/c she keeps pushing her seat (even though fully reclined) back.  My tray table is digging into my body!

8.  Onboard wifi is one of the most amazing experiences ever!  Everyone should try it!  It is especially heavenly for me since I hardly ever have the opportunity to fart around on the internet at home without a little sticky finger messing with my keyboard.

9.  Road bike or mountain bike ... that is the question.

10.  Has anyone every stuck to a Pinterest workout?  If so, did it work?

*Whatever you do, don't google "big ugly pimple" ... it will make you vomit in your mouth!

written on Wednesday, January 9th at 7:49 in 23 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Becky, you really make my day! I get a bit cheery after reading your blog! Thank you for the smile!