Friday, January 18, 2013

my reality check ...

As I sat at the table this evening zombied out to my computer, the boy kept nudging me. 

I ignored ... said "no, mama's busy" ... and paid no attention to his little voice saying "please?"

The sound of his sobs was an alarm clock that woke me up.  I look down and he has tears pouring out of his eyes ...

Me: Baby, what's wrong?
Nathan: I want to sit in your lap. 

All he wants is to sit in my lap.  All he wants at this very minute is to be with me.  And I'm too busy updating my Facebook status to stop and realize the huge moment I was passing up.

THE status update.

As a parent, this was a huge gut check.

Seriously? Seriously.

As soon as I caught my breath and came back to reality, I closed my computer and snatched my soggy, snotty boy into my arms and hugged him to the point of asphyxiation. We then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours snuggled up in his tiny twin bed watching the Powerpuff Girls.

I do my best to stop and smell the proverbial roses but I still falter and get knotted up into the unimportant. 

While spooning my little Turkey Leg, I took stock of my life and said a silent prayer of thanks.

"Thank you for the blessings you bestowed in my life.  For my husband, my turkey leg, my doodle bug and the dang dog.  I also thank you for the moments you lay before me which redirect me to my true priorities in life.  Please continue to remind me ... Amen."


Aunt Vicki said...

You're a good mommy!

Aunt Vicki said...

You're a good mommy!

Anonymous said...

I pray for that every stop and recognize the important things in life. Thanks for sharing!