Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Thoughts (10/5/12)

As I sit here waiting for the sleepy pill to kick in, I feel compelled to update you with my Random Thoughts ...

  1. I get annoyed at the auto formatting features in word processing documents.  I am ANAL about formatting and line spacing and do not like the computer to force me to format against my priniciples!
  2. I wonder what kind of spam I will receive after capitalizing the word ANAL ... #ewwwgrosssssss
  3. Why does my head get itchy when my hair is dirty?  You would think it would be the opposite because all of the oil will moisturize and make your scalp un-itchy.
  4. I just remembered a recurring dream I have of being in a half empty grocery store in the middle of the night in the produce section.  And it's really dimly lit.  #whatdoesitmean
  5. I like ice.
  6. Tomorrow is the Rib, Rub, Run 5K in Downtown Rockwall, Texas!  Am I participating because it's a great charity?!  No!  Am I participating because it's a good t-shirt?!  No!  I am participating in the race because there is also a BBQ cook-off and I get first dibs on all the yummy goodness as a race participant!
  7. The girl still has the baby mullet ... and the back keeps getting "more party" while the front continues to stay "business as usual" ... sigh.  #joedirtdaughter
  8. I don't think I ever posted the the result of the "Bitchin' Kitchen" renovation!  
  9. Today, Nathan took on the following personalities: "Becky, The Wrestler", "Becky, The Witch", "Peter Parker", "Spiderman", "Billy, The Wrestler", "Doug, The Wrestler" and "Bread Face"
  10. I think my Ambien is kicking in!  
Written at 9:06 on Friday, 10/5 in 11 minutes

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