Monday, October 8, 2012

Ode to my energy sippy ...

Energy sippy,
Oh, energy sippy,
You turn this Zombie into a Zip-Zippy!
You put a Spring in my Steppy!
And add some Zest to my Zesty!

Sweet Sippy of mine,
You treat me just fine,
And help fill my world with rainbows and sunshine.
Few things are better than you (and wine).

You berry goodness is made of words I can't say,
And your contents aren't tested by the FDA,
But still I buy you and gulp you galore,
Plus you make my lips tingle ... Which I adore!!

Energy Sippy,
Precious Energy Sippy,
Keep putting the Bop in my Bippity
And I will keep drinking you Snip-lickity!

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