Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little bit ...

Hold your baby a little bit stronger.
Kiss that sweet face a little bit longer.
Let your heart grow a little bit bigger.
Snuggle that angel a little bit tighter.
Let yourself smile a little bit brighter.
Lift your head a little bit higher.
And bask in the Little Bit you created.

Pat yourself on the back a little bit.
And appreciate yourself a little bit.
Don’t worry that your body’s a little bit droopy.
And expect to cry a little bit easier.
You will worry more about the little bits and pieces of life,
But you will love a lot bit more.

You will probably drink a little bit more,
And definitely sleep just a little less,
But that Little Bit makes everything else in life
A little bit more bearable.

Squeeze, hug and snuggle your Little Bit,
Because your Little Bit is only little for a bit.

Nathan (and me) at 6 months old

Katie (and me) at 2 months old


Anonymous said...

I don't love it a LITTLE BIT! I love it A LOT! Great post!
Joey Ro

Lady Blachly said...

Aww love that!