Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little bit ...

Hold your baby a little bit stronger.
Kiss that sweet face a little bit longer.
Let your heart grow a little bit bigger.
Snuggle that angel a little bit tighter.
Let yourself smile a little bit brighter.
Lift your head a little bit higher.
And bask in the Little Bit you created.

Pat yourself on the back a little bit.
And appreciate yourself a little bit.
Don’t worry that your body’s a little bit droopy.
And expect to cry a little bit easier.
You will worry more about the little bits and pieces of life,
But you will love a lot bit more.

You will probably drink a little bit more,
And definitely sleep just a little less,
But that Little Bit makes everything else in life
A little bit more bearable.

Squeeze, hug and snuggle your Little Bit,
Because your Little Bit is only little for a bit.

Nathan (and me) at 6 months old

Katie (and me) at 2 months old

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

8 years ...

2 hearts
2 "I do's"
1 apartment
1 townhouse
1 dog
1 Nathan
1 real house
1 Katie
6 cars
Countless tears
Numerous hugs
Millions of "Love Yous"

You will always and forever hold my heart in the palm of your hand.  I know you feel that you aren't the best husband.  I don't want the best husband.  I want you.  Just you.  And your sweet smile and strong arms that pick me up when I've fallen.  I want to share a bed with you until the day we die ... even if that means listening to your snores. 

Life isn't perfect.  Marriage isn't perfect.  You aren't perfect.  I'm not perfect.  But, together, everything IS perfect in the most unperfect way.

I promise to continue loving you as long as you continue loving me.

... "I Do" again and again and again!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ode to my energy sippy ...

Energy sippy,
Oh, energy sippy,
You turn this Zombie into a Zip-Zippy!
You put a Spring in my Steppy!
And add some Zest to my Zesty!

Sweet Sippy of mine,
You treat me just fine,
And help fill my world with rainbows and sunshine.
Few things are better than you (and wine).

You berry goodness is made of words I can't say,
And your contents aren't tested by the FDA,
But still I buy you and gulp you galore,
Plus you make my lips tingle ... Which I adore!!

Energy Sippy,
Precious Energy Sippy,
Keep putting the Bop in my Bippity
And I will keep drinking you Snip-lickity!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Thoughts (10/5/12)

As I sit here waiting for the sleepy pill to kick in, I feel compelled to update you with my Random Thoughts ...

  1. I get annoyed at the auto formatting features in word processing documents.  I am ANAL about formatting and line spacing and do not like the computer to force me to format against my priniciples!
  2. I wonder what kind of spam I will receive after capitalizing the word ANAL ... #ewwwgrosssssss
  3. Why does my head get itchy when my hair is dirty?  You would think it would be the opposite because all of the oil will moisturize and make your scalp un-itchy.
  4. I just remembered a recurring dream I have of being in a half empty grocery store in the middle of the night in the produce section.  And it's really dimly lit.  #whatdoesitmean
  5. I like ice.
  6. Tomorrow is the Rib, Rub, Run 5K in Downtown Rockwall, Texas!  Am I participating because it's a great charity?!  No!  Am I participating because it's a good t-shirt?!  No!  I am participating in the race because there is also a BBQ cook-off and I get first dibs on all the yummy goodness as a race participant!
  7. The girl still has the baby mullet ... and the back keeps getting "more party" while the front continues to stay "business as usual" ... sigh.  #joedirtdaughter
  8. I don't think I ever posted the the result of the "Bitchin' Kitchen" renovation!  
  9. Today, Nathan took on the following personalities: "Becky, The Wrestler", "Becky, The Witch", "Peter Parker", "Spiderman", "Billy, The Wrestler", "Doug, The Wrestler" and "Bread Face"
  10. I think my Ambien is kicking in!  
Written at 9:06 on Friday, 10/5 in 11 minutes

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10 Things I'll Later Regret Telling You....

  1. I have an irrational fear of going down escalators.  
  2. I dated a guy who thought he was a witch in high school ... and still have bad dreams about him to this day.
  3. I often pee my pants when I run (Thank you very much childbirth!)
  4. No matter how satisfied I am with my life and confident about myself, I still feel insecure when put in an environment with the "cool kids" from high school.
  5. I'm incredibly conservative and am an avid fan of the second amendment.
  6. I used to be OCD-anal about my house being constantly picked up (luckily my PPD Happy Pills took care of that tendency).
  7. I went 16 years without puking (age 11 to 27).
  8. I've gone 3 1/2 years without a cigarette but still randomly crave them.
  9. I can't stand it when people cuss in everyday conversation ... it makes them look ugly.
  10. I love cleaning my ears with q-tips!  It is seriously one of he most amazing feelings ever!

Challenged ...

Hello from the dark recesses of my life!  I apologize for not being a better blogger!  Not a day goes by without something happening and I think to myself "DANGIT!  This would make a great blog topic".

Apparently life being a full time working mom of 2 incredibly active kids leaves minimal room for writing!

So, I will try my best to be a better blogger ... or at least wipe the dust off and move the papers around so that it appears I've been blogging!

Hugs and Kisses with lots of well wishes!!!