Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Thoughts ... 8/16/12

  1. I have been in absolute awe of my kids lately!  Especially Nathan ... he's turning into such a little man!  My heart grows and breaks at the same time!
  2. My paying job is hellaciously busy and stressful lately.  Maybe that's why I'm so infatuated with the kiddos right now since they are what keeps me going during the day.
  3. I swear groceries are more expensive EVERY week!  We grocery shop every week and I can't leave without spending at least $120!  
  4. What is Sissy whining about?
  5. If home is where the heart is, then where is the brain?  Kidneys?  Uterus?
  6. Don't make eye contact with Sissy because then she will think you want to play with her.
  7. Poor Sissy!
  8. We are taking our first official "LEVERETT FAMILY" vacation in a few weeks!  And we are bringing reinforcements (aka: the in-laws) to chauffeur Diva-Katie from Plano to Galveston because she is not a fan of being confined and will let the world know how unhappy she is imprisoned in her car seat!
  9. If anyone has extensions in their hair and you don't like them, here's how to get them out.  First, over condition them where they are connected and then when they dry, and then put your flat iron on it's hottest setting and melt the adhesive and they will slide right out! 
  10. The hubs and I set a goal for the room "formerly known as the kitchen".  It needs to be finished (painted with flooring) by Nathan's birthday party on 9/1.
  11. We took the kids to Mass for the first time in their lives this evening ... it was a moderate success.  Nathan did awesome and stood/knelt without complaints.  Katie was her usual chatty self so she and Shaun hung out in the "baby room". 
Written at 9:25 on Saturday, 9/16 in 11 minutes.

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