Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Katie loves breakfast ...

It was 7:30 Sunday morning ... Mama was tired and Katie was hungry.  The following is a pictorial of Katie's breakfast ...
Breakfast started on the floor but then Katie kept choking on dog hair.
So the breakfast relocated to the kitchen table.

Katie likes breakfast.

Now if only Katie could get her hands on the bag ... she could get more breakfast!

Yay!  She got the bag!  Success!

Uh, oh!  Katie got a little too crazy with the breakfast ...

And it ended up everywhere but in her mouth!

Don't worry!  Sissy will clean it up!

And Elmo can eat some too!

Yay!  Breakfast for ALL!

Wow, Sissy!  You LOVE breakfast too!

I like breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Jo Jo can clean it up too! I like breakfast!

Lady Blachly said...

So funny!!