Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thoughts ... 6/29/12

1.  I feel sorry for the letter "X"!  It has too many personalities ... it is silent in some words (like bandeaux), and sounds like a "z" in other words (Xerox) and ALSO sounds like an "x" (x-ray)!
2.  EVERYBODY has tattoos!  I hate to think about how my generation will look when we're great grandparents.
3.  GO RANGERS!!!!!
4.  The hubs bought the bug zapper.  I like to name it's victims!  "Oh!  Esther just died!  Oh!  Ned sure sounded like he was a big bug!  My!  That wasn't a very fun way to die, Pearl!"
5.  I swear my head feels much heavier on a Friday afternoon than it does on a Monday morning!  It's because I learned so much at work!
6.  The "carpet stainers" are spending the night at Grandma and Pa-Pa's house so the hubs and I are taking advantage of the freedom by watching baseball and drinking beer ... on the couch!
7.  It's hot outside!
8.  I wish people enjoyed watching rainbows and unicorns just as much as they enjoy watching boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc.
9.  I'm convinced that a British or English accent adds an automatic 100 points to a person's IQ.
10.  Why don't legs tan as easily as arms?  I have a good summer glow from the waist up but still look like a pasty mess from the waist down!

Written at 9:44 in 9 minutes on Friday, 6/29/12.


Lady Blachly said...

Always wondered that about leg tans. And watching tv?!...I figured you'd be renovating something with the kids gone!

Anonymous said...

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