Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Thoughts (6/1/12)

1.  I  often look at Wedding Dresses on Craigslist and mentally make up stories as to why these women are selling their wedding gowns.
3.  Getting comments in Facebook make me feel special and popular!
4.  Is it "Less Filling" or does it have "Great Taste"?!
5.  I heard Nathan tell Katie "Katie, quit touching my balls!" when she was playing with his golf balls the other day!  I still laugh thinking about him saying that!
6.  I absolutely love cleaning my ears with q-tips!  It makes my toes curl!
7.  Who is it that comes up with the names and logos for the various sports teams?!  Why is a leprechan looking guy the logo for the Celtics basketball team?  And, whoever thought to name a basketball team the "CELTICS"?!  
8.  If I had a basketball team, they would be named The Flower Pickers!  Or maybe The Butt Lickers!
9.  And I'm sure company's appreciate Apple for creating the "i" craze!  It's like anything with the letter "i" in front of the product name is suddenly hip and cool.  I have dibs on creating a line of perfume called "iStink"!
10.  Where did the phrase "God speed" come from and what exactly does it mean?!
11.  And why is the word "baby" or "babe" a term of endearment for your honey?  

Written on Friday, 6/1 at 10:09 in 8 minutes (can't you tell)?!

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