Sunday, June 3, 2012

My cup runneth over ...

Pause and take a step back from your life right this minute.  

What do you see?

What do I see?

I see the Turkey Leg riding around the living room on his bull being a cowboy.
I see the Doodle Bug pushing the power button on Shaun's xbox and giggling at each "beep" it makes.
I look out the kitchen window and see the wind blowing through the leaves and the neighbors pulling in their driveway.
I see the beautiful result of lots of tears and heartache.
I see a fly annoyingly buzz-buzzing by my head. 
I see the Leverett Laws taped to the fridge.
I see a black and white picture from mine and Shaun's wedding day.
What did I do to deserve these blessings in life?
What did I do to earn these precious angels?
What did I do to gain the love from my husband?
My heart is filled with love and my eyes fill with tears.
My cup runneth over~Psalms 23:5
But each yin has a yang ... and my heart doesn't always swell and my eyes don't always see this beauty.
At times I see the Boy screaming his head off having an Oscar worthy tantrum.
I also see the Girl refusing to nap and crying in her crib.
I see Shaun toiling away at this house to make it the dream I envision.
I see the circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep.

During these times, I have to focus on the blessings and force the grace back into my heart.

When the  Boy and Girl scream and cry, I need to sing praises that they have the healthy lungs which enable the cries!
When my husband is frustrated with the house, I need to open my heart and thank him for everything he does.
When I see the circles, I need to embrace them (and some good makeup) for the battle scars that they are.
“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”~ Mahatma Gandhi 
I am not an extraordinary person.
I don't go to church.
My kids aren't baptized.
I don't volunteer.
But here I am ... surrounded by the loves of my life.  
And in return, I dedicate my life to surround them with love.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a great mother, wife, and friend. I myself am truly blessed to have you in my life. I learn so much from you. I admire you. You model everything I try to be. You are great at everything you do. You are so wonderful to me. Please know that the wrongs that you feel are in your life, make you nothing but right! I love you friend.