Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Nathanisms

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I present to you ... more words from that wonderful little boy ... Nathan!

Nathan: "Katie, quit touching my balls!"
(in reference to her playing with his golf balls)


As we were walking out of Chili's one evening, Nathan yelled to Shaun:
Nathan: I'm gonna mess you up!
Shaun: What?!
Nathan: I mean ... I'm gonna eff you up!
And at that, we ran like the wind out of that blasted restaurant and vowed never to return!

Me: Nathan, your underwear is on backwards.
Nathan: No they're not!
Me: Yes they are!  Thor is supposed to be on your bottom!
Nathan: No ... Ma!  His name is "Thor with a hammer" and he's supposed to be on my pee pee!
Me: "Thor with a hammer" is supposed to be on your bottom.
Nathan: No, Ma!  I can't see "Thor with a hammer" if he's on my bottom and he can't watch me pee!

One morning, Nathan, Shaun and Katie were wrestling on our bed and Katie started getting too close to the edge for Nathan's comfort ...
Nathan: "Katie, stop right there or else I'm gonna pop your butt!"


And I swear that grossness is part of the male DNA:
"Smell my stinky feet!"
"Haha!  I tooted!"
"Hahahaha!  Katie tooted!"
"Haha!  I tooted ... nope ... I just made skid-marks" 


And one thing I love more than anything, my Turkey's attention to his outfit and appearance!  He often insists on picking out his clothes for the day and I gladly oblige him!  Below are some of my favorite Nathan trends!
Pirate Outfit:  All pirates need a good pair of "Pirate Swim Shoes"
Sunday Morning Donut Outfit: PJ pants, boots and polo shirt!

Lawn Mower Outfit: Everyone wears polo shirts buttoned to the neck to mow the yard ... right?!

And there's nothing wrong with wearing your little sister's "bungle bee" costume in January.

A bib as a cape?!  Yes, please!  But only if I can wear it with a Monkey knitted hat!

This picture was taken in May ... when it was 80 degrees out.  Poor Katie was such a good sport!

That's right ... life jacket and jammies!

The fly swatter ties it all together ... don't you think?!

Baseball Outfit: With the dress shirt from Christmas

And my favorite ... his Jungle Outfit.  This outfit is 12 month and he wore it when he was 7 months old!!!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny! Love the "Donuts Outfit"!

beckyj @ A Lazy Crazy Life said...

LOL! A future trendsetter, for sure :)