Sunday, June 24, 2012

Klassy ... with a "K"!

I like to consider my family as Klassy ... with a capital "K"!

Klassy is totally different than the pinky-in-the-air class that the rich folks have.  Klassy people take total and full advantage of the funner (not finer) things in life ... we find joy in the simple things.

Below is my Top Ten List of how me and the brood live a domestic lite beer life on a water budget.

1.  Home Depot and Bass Pro are a weekend highlight.
Home Depot!
Bass Pro!

2.  If the kids want to visit the zoo, we go to the pet store and look at the animals.


3.  The local Hooters-Girls know my kids.
It's 'Hooter-ific'!

4.  We have "our table" at Cici's.
Buffet ... one of my favorite words!

5.  Naked is a suitable attire in my house.

6.  Our grill sits on our patio table and uses a portable propane tank.

7.  We have plastic lawn chairs in our front yard (and they are from my college days).

8.  There is a John Deere windmill in our backyard.

9.  My husband is Craigslist-ing a bug zapper.
The louder the BZZZZT sound the better!

10.  I LOVE shopping at Wal-Mart ... seriously. 
Where else can you buy fruit, meat, beer, flip flops AND lawn furniture in one stop?

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