Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thoughts ... 6/29/12

1.  I feel sorry for the letter "X"!  It has too many personalities ... it is silent in some words (like bandeaux), and sounds like a "z" in other words (Xerox) and ALSO sounds like an "x" (x-ray)!
2.  EVERYBODY has tattoos!  I hate to think about how my generation will look when we're great grandparents.
3.  GO RANGERS!!!!!
4.  The hubs bought the bug zapper.  I like to name it's victims!  "Oh!  Esther just died!  Oh!  Ned sure sounded like he was a big bug!  My!  That wasn't a very fun way to die, Pearl!"
5.  I swear my head feels much heavier on a Friday afternoon than it does on a Monday morning!  It's because I learned so much at work!
6.  The "carpet stainers" are spending the night at Grandma and Pa-Pa's house so the hubs and I are taking advantage of the freedom by watching baseball and drinking beer ... on the couch!
7.  It's hot outside!
8.  I wish people enjoyed watching rainbows and unicorns just as much as they enjoy watching boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc.
9.  I'm convinced that a British or English accent adds an automatic 100 points to a person's IQ.
10.  Why don't legs tan as easily as arms?  I have a good summer glow from the waist up but still look like a pasty mess from the waist down!

Written at 9:44 in 9 minutes on Friday, 6/29/12.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Klassy ... with a "K"!

I like to consider my family as Klassy ... with a capital "K"!

Klassy is totally different than the pinky-in-the-air class that the rich folks have.  Klassy people take total and full advantage of the funner (not finer) things in life ... we find joy in the simple things.

Below is my Top Ten List of how me and the brood live a domestic lite beer life on a water budget.

1.  Home Depot and Bass Pro are a weekend highlight.
Home Depot!
Bass Pro!

2.  If the kids want to visit the zoo, we go to the pet store and look at the animals.


3.  The local Hooters-Girls know my kids.
It's 'Hooter-ific'!

4.  We have "our table" at Cici's.
Buffet ... one of my favorite words!

5.  Naked is a suitable attire in my house.

6.  Our grill sits on our patio table and uses a portable propane tank.

7.  We have plastic lawn chairs in our front yard (and they are from my college days).

8.  There is a John Deere windmill in our backyard.

9.  My husband is Craigslist-ing a bug zapper.
The louder the BZZZZT sound the better!

10.  I LOVE shopping at Wal-Mart ... seriously. 
Where else can you buy fruit, meat, beer, flip flops AND lawn furniture in one stop?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marriage is a road ...

Marriage is a road.

There are twists and turns.
Red lights, green lights and those fickle yellow lights.

There are hills and valleys ... bumps and dips.

And the dreaded school zones.

And then, when you least expect it (but need it the most), you find yourself on the most beautiful road ever taken.  There are no words to describe the beauty you see.  The sun rays hovering through the trees puts your soul at complete peace.  

I am on that road right now ... traveling with my main squeeze.  
And I am doing everything I can to cherish every moment of this beautiful ride.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Nathanisms

Ladies and Gentlemen ... I present to you ... more words from that wonderful little boy ... Nathan!

Nathan: "Katie, quit touching my balls!"
(in reference to her playing with his golf balls)


As we were walking out of Chili's one evening, Nathan yelled to Shaun:
Nathan: I'm gonna mess you up!
Shaun: What?!
Nathan: I mean ... I'm gonna eff you up!
And at that, we ran like the wind out of that blasted restaurant and vowed never to return!

Me: Nathan, your underwear is on backwards.
Nathan: No they're not!
Me: Yes they are!  Thor is supposed to be on your bottom!
Nathan: No ... Ma!  His name is "Thor with a hammer" and he's supposed to be on my pee pee!
Me: "Thor with a hammer" is supposed to be on your bottom.
Nathan: No, Ma!  I can't see "Thor with a hammer" if he's on my bottom and he can't watch me pee!

One morning, Nathan, Shaun and Katie were wrestling on our bed and Katie started getting too close to the edge for Nathan's comfort ...
Nathan: "Katie, stop right there or else I'm gonna pop your butt!"


And I swear that grossness is part of the male DNA:
"Smell my stinky feet!"
"Haha!  I tooted!"
"Hahahaha!  Katie tooted!"
"Haha!  I tooted ... nope ... I just made skid-marks" 


And one thing I love more than anything, my Turkey's attention to his outfit and appearance!  He often insists on picking out his clothes for the day and I gladly oblige him!  Below are some of my favorite Nathan trends!
Pirate Outfit:  All pirates need a good pair of "Pirate Swim Shoes"
Sunday Morning Donut Outfit: PJ pants, boots and polo shirt!

Lawn Mower Outfit: Everyone wears polo shirts buttoned to the neck to mow the yard ... right?!

And there's nothing wrong with wearing your little sister's "bungle bee" costume in January.

A bib as a cape?!  Yes, please!  But only if I can wear it with a Monkey knitted hat!

This picture was taken in May ... when it was 80 degrees out.  Poor Katie was such a good sport!

That's right ... life jacket and jammies!

The fly swatter ties it all together ... don't you think?!

Baseball Outfit: With the dress shirt from Christmas

And my favorite ... his Jungle Outfit.  This outfit is 12 month and he wore it when he was 7 months old!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Have you seen Moti?


I've lost a "friend" of mine.
His name is Moti ... Moti Vation.
If you see Moti, please send him my way.
He's very important to me earning a paycheck and feeding my family.

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Thanks much!

P.S. I'm still missing Moti's buddy. Her name is Concen Tration.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cuckoo for Coco ...

There is a girl named Coco.

She is a little bit loco.

She likes when you spend money at "Depot".

She is terrified of the Geico gecko!

If she had a dog, his name would be Toto!

Her favorite bird is the Dodo.

Coco prefers ice cream over Fro-Yo. 

And always smiles for a photo!

Ned Flanders would say "Hidey-Ho Coco!"

She is my friend, my homey, my bro ... yo!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My cup runneth over ...

Pause and take a step back from your life right this minute.  

What do you see?

What do I see?

I see the Turkey Leg riding around the living room on his bull being a cowboy.
I see the Doodle Bug pushing the power button on Shaun's xbox and giggling at each "beep" it makes.
I look out the kitchen window and see the wind blowing through the leaves and the neighbors pulling in their driveway.
I see the beautiful result of lots of tears and heartache.
I see a fly annoyingly buzz-buzzing by my head. 
I see the Leverett Laws taped to the fridge.
I see a black and white picture from mine and Shaun's wedding day.
What did I do to deserve these blessings in life?
What did I do to earn these precious angels?
What did I do to gain the love from my husband?
My heart is filled with love and my eyes fill with tears.
My cup runneth over~Psalms 23:5
But each yin has a yang ... and my heart doesn't always swell and my eyes don't always see this beauty.
At times I see the Boy screaming his head off having an Oscar worthy tantrum.
I also see the Girl refusing to nap and crying in her crib.
I see Shaun toiling away at this house to make it the dream I envision.
I see the circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep.

During these times, I have to focus on the blessings and force the grace back into my heart.

When the  Boy and Girl scream and cry, I need to sing praises that they have the healthy lungs which enable the cries!
When my husband is frustrated with the house, I need to open my heart and thank him for everything he does.
When I see the circles, I need to embrace them (and some good makeup) for the battle scars that they are.
“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.”~ Mahatma Gandhi 
I am not an extraordinary person.
I don't go to church.
My kids aren't baptized.
I don't volunteer.
But here I am ... surrounded by the loves of my life.  
And in return, I dedicate my life to surround them with love.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Thoughts (6/1/12)

1.  I  often look at Wedding Dresses on Craigslist and mentally make up stories as to why these women are selling their wedding gowns.
3.  Getting comments in Facebook make me feel special and popular!
4.  Is it "Less Filling" or does it have "Great Taste"?!
5.  I heard Nathan tell Katie "Katie, quit touching my balls!" when she was playing with his golf balls the other day!  I still laugh thinking about him saying that!
6.  I absolutely love cleaning my ears with q-tips!  It makes my toes curl!
7.  Who is it that comes up with the names and logos for the various sports teams?!  Why is a leprechan looking guy the logo for the Celtics basketball team?  And, whoever thought to name a basketball team the "CELTICS"?!  
8.  If I had a basketball team, they would be named The Flower Pickers!  Or maybe The Butt Lickers!
9.  And I'm sure company's appreciate Apple for creating the "i" craze!  It's like anything with the letter "i" in front of the product name is suddenly hip and cool.  I have dibs on creating a line of perfume called "iStink"!
10.  Where did the phrase "God speed" come from and what exactly does it mean?!
11.  And why is the word "baby" or "babe" a term of endearment for your honey?  

Written on Friday, 6/1 at 10:09 in 8 minutes (can't you tell)?!