Monday, May 28, 2012

100 Random Thoughts

In honor of my 100th post, I'm giving you 100 Random Thoughts!

  1. I feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible when I attempt to crawl out of The She-Monkey's bedroom after a midnight butt patting.
  2. Happy Memorial Day!  
  3. I still tear up whenever I hear the Star Spangled Banner.
  4. I AM proud to be an American!
  5. And even prouder to be a Texan!  Yee-haw!
  6. Pinterest is awesome!
  7. Kevin Fowler likes beer.
  8. 100 blog posts is a LOT!
  9. I researched random facts about the #100 and did you know an ant can carry 100 times it's body weight?!
  10. And a wolf is capable of running 100 miles in a day.
  11. On the topic of wolves ... Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward??
  12. My husband has a fascination/obsession with Youtube!
  13. Has anyone seen The Turkey's "baby spiderman"?!  I will give you a prize if you find it for me!
  14. Tahoe or Acadia?
  15. Why does your head itch when it's dirty?!  One would think the greasiness would moisturize the scalp and therefore prevent itchiness ...
  16. Dang!  I'm only at 16 and the goal is 100 thoughts!  
  17. I'm not sure if I'm capable of thinking about 100 things.
  18. I used to want to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader when I was a kid!
  19. Part of me still wants to be one.
  20. Farts are funny
  21. Baby farts are even funnier.
  22. aaah!
  23. I like coffee.
  24. Approximately 100 men a year are diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
  25. It's kinda sad (or funny) that my boy can still fit into 18 month clothes!
  26. The sound of stirring a metal spoon in a metal coffee cup makes my skin crawl!
  27. Boogers are gross.
  28. There is a family of birds who live at the top of our chimney and I'm scared they are going to fly into our house one day.
  29. Dang it Baby!  Go back to sleep!  It's nap-time!
  30. Baby kisses are the best.
  31. I am not very proficient at using the touch mouse thingy on my lap top.  It frustrates me.
  32. Dang!  I'm only at 32!
  33. I need to pee.
  34. I think I am going to cut out the bad "C's" from my diet again ... (Bad C's: Cookies, Cake, Cokes, Candy, Chips ... )
  35. But Coffee will definitely stay!
  36. Whatchadoin'?
  37. How-you-doin'?
  38. I was a faux-Friends-fan!  I thought it was a funny show, but I faked being obsessed because all of my other friends were for-real obsessed.
  39. I was also a faux-Sex and the City-fan.
  40. Still need to pee.
  41. The Girl is quiet!
  42. Why do kids want to sleep in their mom and dad's bed?  When I was a kid, I loved laying in my mama and daddy's bed watching TV and Nathan is napping in mine and Shaun's bed as we speak.
  43. Speaking of bed, we purchased a Sleep Number bed a while back and are still not sure if we like it.  Luckily they have amazing customer service and they are sending us various pads to try out and extending the return time in case we don't like it.
  44. Awwww!  I love hearing random "I love you"s!
  45. Beer, Bait and Ammo ... yeah.
  46. The person who can identify where #45 comes from get's a prize!
  47. What is your favorite number?
  48. I don't have a favorite number.
  49. Oh craps!  Shaun just walked through the room with a crow-bar!
  50. Hold on ...
  51. What's for lunch?!
  52. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  53. She sells sea shells by the seashore.
  54. I went to a Chinese Restaurant to buy a loaf of bread, bread, bread!
  55. I've lost motivation.
  56. I don't know.
  57. I still know all of the prepositions that I learned in the fourth grade.  I randomly say them when I'm sitting in traffic.
  58. Do those "brain exercise" websites really work?!
  59. I didn't really drink beer until after Katie was born.
  60. Tab tops or clip rings?!
  61. I'm washing my curtains for the first time in 2 1/2 years.
  62. If Silence is Golden, then what is Noise?
  63. I want a cookie!
  64. I love the sound of a crawling baby!
  65. This would be much more interesting if I was drinking a beer!
  66. Who invented kissing?!  It's kinda gross if you think about it b/c you're putting someone else's saliva in YOUR mouth!
  67. Why are doves the symbol for peace?!
  68. Better yet, it seems slightly ironic when people go dove hunting.
  69. Doves look like white pigeons to me.
  70. Whoever designed the graduation gown should be stretched on a rack!  They are seriously the most unflattering outfit.  EVER!
  71. Dressing room mirrors are torturous.  I think someone should invent flattering dressing room mirrors and lights!
  72. The phrase: "You are much more relaxed with your second child" is code speak for "yep, the second child is slightly neglected and often times gets the shaft!"
  73. My mama told me "You better shop around"!
  74. Smile!  Jesus loves you!
  75. What's cuter, baby butt cheeks OR baby face cheeks?!
  76. Who needs TV when you have a 3 1/3 year old and 1 year old to entertain you?!
  77. What do you want to do today?
  78. The same thing we do every day ... Try to take over the world!
  79. I love the "bad" carbs!
  80. I also love cokes (aka Dr. Peppers).
  81. And pizza!!!
  82. The color red subconsciously makes you want to spend money ... that's why casinos have red carpet and so many stores have red logos.
  83. If a bride wears white because it's the color of purity, then what does it say about the groom when he wears black?!
  84. I had fun planning my wedding!
  85. I think it would be fun to have a destination wedding!
  86. Uh-oh!  Now I hear a drill.  No bueno!
  87. I have all the materials to make chalkboard paint but am not feeling the motivation.
  88. Although it looks super easy to make ... according to the professionals!
  89. The DIY shows make me angry because they make everything look so easy ... but it never is!  (Here's how to make a house from scratch in 3 hours!)
  90. What IS my crazy husband doing?!
  91. Blake Shelton is cute!
  92. Bless you!
  93. Did skinny jeans go "out"?!  If so, what's the popular jeans style?!
  94. Who wants to come caulk and touch up paint the living room?
  95. Planned obsolescence is a wonderful way to keep the economy moving but it is still super frustrating sometimes!
  96. Speaking of economics, does anyone remember what the "Law of Diminishing Returns" is?!
  97. Orange is my favorite color!
  98. Why is there a "British English" and "American English"?!  Why can't there be just one, universal "English"?
  99. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing!
  100.  I still need to pee!
UPDATE (since I didn't mention it originally):  The hubs decided it's long overdue to finish turning the "old kitchen" into a functioning room with doors ... ugh.  What is it with this family, home remodeling and holidays? (the BIG remodel started on Christmas Eve last year)

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Courtney Parker said...

You're nuts :) And you never told us what Shaun is doing to the house...

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

Good call Courtney! I updated it! Thanks!