Saturday, April 21, 2012

Random Thoughts (4/21/12)

1.  I'm still alive and kicking for anyone who has been concerned with my recent absence!  (sorry.)
2.  Who likes Cheesy Poofs?  We like Cheesy Poofs!  (sang in my best Cartman/South Park voice)
3.  It's 8:04 AM.  I am the only one awake right now.  (I can't decide if that's sad or a blessing)
4.  The area rug I am sitting on right now is beautiful and I love it but the dog ate a little piece of the rug where one of the kids probably puked so now it's not as beautiful.
5.  I've had the same morning news show on for the past hour and have heard the same stories 4 times already.  (I bet there's some sort of research that gives a person's attention span so the news stations know how often to loop their stories)
6.  Dang it!  The littlest is awake now!
7.  But she's happily talking to the stuffed animals in her bed.
8.  What's up with the crazy weather?  We had tornadoes sweep through the Dallas area a few weeks ago and I had the opportunity to spend an hour in the basement of my work with no cell phone reception!  ARGH!  (If that's not a First World Issue, then I don't know what is!)
9.  I feel like this is a really weak Random Thoughts so take the #9 thought as a heartfelt apology if you just wasted 2 minutes of your life reading this.  (sorry)
10.  I'm training for a 10K and am supposed to run almost 5 miles today ... too bad it's so beautiful outside so I don't think I have an excuse to not run.  Maybe I will get lucky and one of the kids will puke or something.

written in 8 minutes (you can tell) at 8:03 on Saturday, 4/21/12.