Friday, March 16, 2012

I duh pisure tooker ...

Wellcom buck Peepoles!

Uzally, wen Ma feeeturs me in duh blag, I'm in frunt of duh cam-er-aaaah.
Bud naht tuday!  Noooo SIR! 
Tuday, I'm duh fomogra ... fonagra ...
ummm ...
uhhhh ...
I tuuk duh pisures!

Pleeez injoy mah ahrtwuhk!
(translated below)

Mah fist pissure!

That's Ma! (and a finger)

Duh corner (and a finger).

Kashup (and a greasy camera lens)

Nakkin and Kashup (and a greasier camera lens)

Tha chaaars (and a finger and an even greasier camera lens)
Title: I'm the Photographer

Welcome back y'all!
It's me, Nathan!
Usually when Mama features me in her blog, I'm in front of the camera.
But not today! No, sir!  Today, I'm the photographer!
Please enjoy my artwork!

And a picture of Katie taken 4 days later with the greasy lens acting as a soft focus!

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