Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Excited secretary typing ...

When I get overly excited and cannot verbally share it with someone (which is more often than you think), I communicate the excitement via the written e-mail/text/IM form. 

I refer to this form of expression as "excited secretary typing".

(whatever mental image you just had by reading the title is probably dead on accurate!)

Below is an example of E.S.T. as I like to call it:

adf;l ja;dfklj ao;eritu ;aklrgj ;Ieuf9p Uvjl;kaer tjo; qie5ut[ oAIj sdp

This level of excited typing can best be explained as follows:
Remember when you were a kid and played Secretary on your grandmother's old fashioned typewriter?  You sat up as straight as an arrow in the formal secretary chair (a.k.a. the weathered wooden desk chair) and tried to focus your eyes through your grandma's prescription reading glasses (bonus points if they were cat-eyed glasses) on the archaic, old-smelling typewriter.  You would place your finger tips in the proper ASDF JKL: locations and start franticly typing.  You didn't care what you typed.  You just felt important and formal and excited typing!  Then your excited bubble would pop when all the little arms would jam up and get stuck because you typed more than one letter at the same time!

Anyway, to get back to the point of this post today, 13 days from today, me and 9 "strangers" will flock to fabulous Las Vegas and spend 3 nights in 1 hotel suite!  Words cannot convey the level of upmost excitement and anticipation!  So, I leave you with this:

z;sdlfkj aorifu poiuawetf i o;jzocvj piouaerfgj al;kgjoalf joaeriu paoetuj jalkfvj 09

Amen, and Good night!


Courtney said...

Eeeeeee!!!!! SOOO excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! CAN I COME?!? PLEASE!!!!!!