Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Thoughts (2/7/12)

1.  Today is my precious Gram's 80th birthday!  She has Alzheimer's and often gets confused on who I am and who my kids are ... but she doesn't forget who Shaun is!  She says he looks like her boyfriend when she was a girl!  I think that is precious!  She is the one who taught me how to sew, paint and shop!  I love that woman!

2.  I think I'm becoming a wuss in my "old" age!  I've realized how dangerous 4 way stops are and I don't like to look out the car window when Shaun drives on a particular overpass.  (It's the I-35 to 190 overpass for my DFW-er's)
3.  Decoupage rocks!  It's my newest obsession!  Thank you pinterest!
4.  White grout or tan grout?  That is the question.
5.  Having a refrigerator in the living room is quite convenient.  I don't have to leave the couch to get some blueberries!
6.  Toddlers and Tiaras is AHHHH-SUUUMMMMM!!!!
7.  Why does my scalp get itchy when my hair is dirty?  You would think the oil and grease would hydrate and prevent itchiness.
8.  Do people ever fully outgrow being self conscious?  Or will I be 90 years old and still wonder if "So-and-so" likes me?
9.  What does it mean if you are chased by the police in your dreams?  I keep having a recurring dream where I am captured by the police and then I manage to escape ... weird.
10.  How do babies ALWAYS locate the 1 non-childproofed item in your house?!  I was on Facebook when I saw Miss Katie attempting to lick the ONLY exposed wall outlet in the whole house.  It took a few seconds of me thinking "Awww ... she looks so cute trying to lick the .... oh, SH!T!!!  Katie!!  No! NO!!!"

Written in 11 minutes at 8:03 PM on Tuesday, 2/7/12.

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Best little girl EVER!!!!

-Pat :)