Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Leverett Laws

A family is run much like a company where each person has his or her specific function.

For a family (or company) to run smoothly, there needs to be foundation on which to flourish and grow so I decided (as CEO of my family) to solidify my company's core essentials.

After running the concept by Shaun, we sat down in the construction zone after the kids were asleep and established The Leverett Laws.

I wanted to wait until the right time to enact the laws into the house but there is never a "right time" so the Laws are taped to the new fridge and will eventually be displayed in a very Pinterest-y manner.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I love Texas!

I am a native Texan and dang proud of it!

It is socially acceptable to refer to your son as "bubba" in public.


There are some mighty fine people who were born in Texas:
Pat Green
Willy Nelson
Ross Perot
Mary Kay
Sandra Bullock
Luke AND Owen Wilson
Tommy Lee Jones

I love being a Texan!

I wear my boots with pride!

I smile at perfect strangers on the street and say "hey there!"

In Texas, ordering double starches (Mashed Potatoes and French Fries) is expected when you eat Chicken Fried Steak.


Everything is bigger in Texas! 

It takes approximately 12 hours to drive across the state (from east to west) and 9 hours to drive from Oklahoma to the coast.

You can tell which part of Texas people are from by listening to their accents ... West Texans say "warsh" instead of "wash".

There are awesome sports teams in Texas: Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Stars ... and the Dallas Cowboys (during the Troy Aikman reign).

In Texas, "y'all", "knee-high to a grasshopper", "dad-gummit", "fixin'" and "'preciate it" are part of everyday language.

Who needs to travel outside of the state when every type of destination is located IN Texas?  You can go to the beach, fish in a lake, hike through canyons, drive across the desert AND still experience some of the best food you will ever encounter in your life!

Word of the day: Hemangioma

 The word of the day is ...


1.  a usually benign tumor made up of blood vessels that typically occurs as a purplish or reddish slightly elevated area of skin 
2.  also known as "strawberry mark" or "strawberry birthmark"
Used in a sentence:
Shaun, it's not funny to call Katie "Gorbachev" just because they both have hemangiomas on their foreheads!  I don't want her to get a complex and start speaking in a Russian accent!

I love this word for the following reasons:
  1. Sweet Katie has 3 hamangiomas (one on her forehead, on on her side and one on her buttcrack which is shaped like a heart and I pray no man sees it - except for those who change her diaper - until she's 30!)
  2. It makes me sound smart when I use it!  (I know, that's the "cop-out" excuse ... but it's true and I like being smart!)
  3. It gives me an opportunity to educate and talk to other people who freak out when they first see Katie's birthmark because they think it's a "boo-boo".  

There have been numerous occasions when we're in public and a little child says to their mama: "The baby has a boo-boo".  Instead of feeling self conscious for my Doodle Bug, I sweetly take Katie over to the inquisitive kiddo, squat down on their level and explain to them that it's not a boo-boo at all.  This conversation usually ends up with me, the child, the child's mom and Katie examining the child's arms to see if they have any "strawberries" on them too.

Most hemangiomas show up within 3-4 weeks after birth and rapidly grow for a few weeks or months or even years.   Then, as the baby gets older, the growth slows and the mark starts to fade.  The majority of these marks are no longer visible to the naked eye by the child's 10th birthday.  On the rare occasion that the mark lingers on and makes the child self conscious, the hemangioma can be removed and the skin resurfaced to minimize the evidence.

Hemangiomas themselves are typically harmless.  In rare circumstances, they form around an eye, ear, nose, etc. and  hinders a baby's normal development and function. 

Katie at 8 days old ... no mark yet.

Katie at 2 1/2 months ... It seems like it grew overnight!

Katie at 8 months ... the hemangioma stopped growing and will slowly fade away.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letter to my daughter

My dearest, sweet Katie-

The highlight of my day is nuzzling your fuzzy head while I rock you to sleep every night.
I love the twinkle in your eye and smirk you give me when I give the "Kaaaatie Beeeeeth" warning as I see you eying Daddy's Xbox.
You have the sweetest energy around you.
You glow.
You adore you big brother and your eyes light up when Daddy enters the room.

There is a certain peace and serenity you bring to this family.

I love you forever!

Letter to my son ...

My amazing Nathan-

You are the best boy anyone could ever dream of!
Your energy is amazing.
When you say "Love you mommy" my heart melts.
I love your stubborn will and tenacity.
I have never known you to be unhappy.

I know you will grow up some day, but I don't ever want you to be "too big" for me to snuggle and kiss.
You inspire me.
Your personality keeps me in stitches.

I pray you never lose your spirit, creativity and imagination.
You are destined for greatness.

I love you with all of my heart and soul!

Ode to my purse.

Oh purse, my purse!
Your contents are precious to me!
License, mints, drugs and keys,
In your belly, I keep everything I need.

Lotions, lists and receipts galore.
Without you my life would be a bore.
If I lost you, my identity would exist no more.
Everything about you, I truly adore!

You hold my glosses and pens too.
I couldn't leave my house if it weren't for you.
You keep me organized and (mostly) sane,
Cleaning you out is a trip down Memory Lane!

By holding headbands and socks and shoes,
You serve a purpose to my Wee-Ones too!
In fact, I could conclude you are the glue
That bonds my family through and through!

Oh bag, my bag, you are a lovely large bag!
You are the holder of my money.
And sometimes a bed for Monkey.
But carrying you makes my shoulders sag!

**The above image is my purse next to an 8 1/2"x11" piece of computer paper. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love, loathe and in between ...

Today, I love ...
  1. Coffee
  2. The butt warmers in my car
  3. Leaving the kids at Marilyn's (the kid's amazing babysitter)

Today, I loathe
  1. My dry eyes ... they're red and ugly
  2. Bipolar temperature ... it's cold outside but hot inside with a horrible chest cold in the forecast.
  3. Saddlebags (and not the ones on a horse)

And in between ...
  1. This post was started 9 hours ago and it's taken THIS LONG to get to this point.
  2. I had a lovely lunch date with the hubs over some nummy pot roast.
And just because this commercial is so stuck in my head and I am compelled to share it with others ...
"Do any of you know how to post videos to Facebook?"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Thoughts (2/7/12)

1.  Today is my precious Gram's 80th birthday!  She has Alzheimer's and often gets confused on who I am and who my kids are ... but she doesn't forget who Shaun is!  She says he looks like her boyfriend when she was a girl!  I think that is precious!  She is the one who taught me how to sew, paint and shop!  I love that woman!

2.  I think I'm becoming a wuss in my "old" age!  I've realized how dangerous 4 way stops are and I don't like to look out the car window when Shaun drives on a particular overpass.  (It's the I-35 to 190 overpass for my DFW-er's)
3.  Decoupage rocks!  It's my newest obsession!  Thank you pinterest!
4.  White grout or tan grout?  That is the question.
5.  Having a refrigerator in the living room is quite convenient.  I don't have to leave the couch to get some blueberries!
6.  Toddlers and Tiaras is AHHHH-SUUUMMMMM!!!!
7.  Why does my scalp get itchy when my hair is dirty?  You would think the oil and grease would hydrate and prevent itchiness.
8.  Do people ever fully outgrow being self conscious?  Or will I be 90 years old and still wonder if "So-and-so" likes me?
9.  What does it mean if you are chased by the police in your dreams?  I keep having a recurring dream where I am captured by the police and then I manage to escape ... weird.
10.  How do babies ALWAYS locate the 1 non-childproofed item in your house?!  I was on Facebook when I saw Miss Katie attempting to lick the ONLY exposed wall outlet in the whole house.  It took a few seconds of me thinking "Awww ... she looks so cute trying to lick the .... oh, SH!T!!!  Katie!!  No! NO!!!"

Written in 11 minutes at 8:03 PM on Tuesday, 2/7/12.