Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a piece ...

My car is at the "car doctor" getting a "brake-something-or-other" replaced so it was a big Leverett Family carpool this morning.

This is the conversation I witnessed in the garage as Shaun and I loaded the kids up in his car:

Nathan: Where's Ma's car?
Shaun: It's getting fixed right now.
Nathan: At the Car Doctor?
Shaun: Yep!
Nathan:  What a piece!
Shaun:  (looking slightly embarassed)  What's that buddy?
Nathan: WHAT A PIECE!  (as in "What a piece of ____")
I give Shaun the "You're-the-only-one-who-says-that" eye and we finish piling in the car and head out for the day.

My "evil-eye"

So, as I sit at my desk and finish up my soggy lunch, I think back to this morning and am reminded that parents are role models.

As a parent, you truly have to practice what you preach!  If you say "Don't talk with food in your mouth", then you can't talk with food in your mouth.  If you have to remind your child to use their manners, you better be putting Miss Manners to shame with all of your "please's" and "thank-you's"! 

I strive to make a good habit of leading by example as a mom and a co-worker.

For example, if you have a problem co-worker who gets under your skin so bad... you know, the co-worker who throws your back into spasms whenevery you hear their voice?  The one that makes you want to wash 5 Xanax down with straight whiskey? We all have "that" co-worker ... right?!

(sorry about the tangent)

To return to the point at hand ...

When you have a problem co-worker who is always negative, try to be positive.  For the co-worker who takes work way to seriously, remind them they are not curing cancer (unless their job IS to cure cancer).  And for the overly anxious, super-duper, boss sucker-upper ... umm ... well ... always be polite to them because the butt-kissing will probably pay off and they will be your boss someday!

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Anonymous said... hilarious! Did Shaun giggle at that one? I so wish you had a tape recorder going when he said that.


P.S. Are you having troubles with someone at work these days? Was the "Employee Question" hypothetical?