Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being a mama is natural ...

There are so many women in the world who promote "the natural side of motherhood" who had unmedicated births, exclusively breast fed for as long as possible, used only cloth diapers, co-slept for months, etc.

For those women who had babies "the natural way", I stand up and applaud you!
For the "boobie baby mamas", great job on being self-less and nourishing your baby!
For the "eco-friendly tushes", I say "thank you" for being green!
And to the co-sleepers ... well ... you must have the extra-California king size mattress or sleep perfectly still!!

But for every yin, there is a yang.

I am here today to represent the "un-natural" mother.

I had an epidural with both of my births.
I didn't breast-feed (by choice).
I was induced with Katie.
I let both babies sleep on their bellies.
Neither of the kids have ever slept in mine and Shaun's bed.
I am not a stay at home mom.
I introduced solids at 5 months with both babies.
I turned Nathan's carseat around on his first birthday.
I buy disposable diapers.

And as a result, both of my children are thriving and happy.

I am a good mama.

There is no right or wrong way in the "natural vs. un-natural" motherhood route.  Both sides strive for the same outcome: A healthy and happy child.

Some analogies to support this:
"Methodist vs. Baptist" ... both teach about Jesus and Christianity and will hopefully end in St. Peter letting you through the Pearly Gates.
"Beer vs. Wine" ... if you drink enough of either, you will get drunk.
"Bottled vs. Tap" ... it's all water.

Bottom line is this:

Each and every loving mother in this world has the exact same goal.  Instead of judging mama's on their choices, we should fist-bump each other on the fact that our babies are alive and well!

To the "un-natural mama", the next time you see a woman nursing her baby in public, smile and wave ...
To the "natural mama", when you are at dinner and see a woman shaking a bottle, nod and wink ...

Thank you ... I will now give the soap box back to the "Occupy Whatever" hippies ...


Stacy_Travis said...

AMEN!!! Thank You!

bellalynne25 said...

LOVE this. It was really a struggle for me to find the right balance with Makenna, but we do what we think is right and we take good care of her, so she is healthy and happy. And that's all that matters!!

ashalily said...

lol! i cracked up reading this! love it

Laura @ Our Messy Messy Life said...

Love you, Becky! * nod and wink*

Anonymous said...

I think I'm on both sides of the spectrum. I have a little bit of qualities from both kinds of Mama's. I totally agree with everything you said. We do what WE feel is best for our kids. And our kids thrive and if it works for us, then why change it???

Nicely put, Becky! I'm proud of you for stating your thoughts about this. And yes, I'm proud of you for the Mama you have become. You're doing a great job!

Joey Ro