Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bitchin' Kitchen Journey - part 2

I really hoped to have a more visible update in the journey to the most awesomest kitchen EVER! ... but ... alas, all good things come to those who wait!  (hmph)

So at last update, the demo was well underway.  As of today, the rough plumbing and carpentry are complete.  Next up ... electrical.  This is definitely not our forte so we happily handed this part of the job (AND most everything else) over to the trained and licensed professionals.

While the pros tackle the heavy lifting, I will wet your home improvement appetite with the grand plan!


It all started when we bought this house 2 years ago.  We definitely did not buy it for the layout or decor as it was built in 1979 and had minimal updating in 30 years.

We purchased our house based on 3 things:
  1. Location, location, LO-KA-SHUN (smack dab in between my family and Shaun's, 15 minutes from both of our paying jobs and in a great school district)
  2. It is in a cul-de-sac (I used to dream of living in a cul-de-sac)
  3. It backed up to a jogging trail/field (which meant no neighbors behind us and lots of space for the kids to run amuck)
As soon as we signed the contract, we were drafting up the list of everything we planned to do to make this house spectacular!

Then we moved in ...

Then we got comfortable ...

And then we forgot about the list.

Every few months, Shaun and I would say "remember the list ... It would be great if ..."

Current Kitchen

Included in that list was updating renovating relocating the kitchen.  The current kitchen is located in the far north-east corner of the house and is decorated in faux terra-cotta vinyl tiles and harvest gold laminate counter tops.  The house has a large, unused formal living room adjacent to the current kitchen which just happens to open up to the family room we live 80% of our lives in.

So Shaun and I asked each other: Why not switch the two rooms?

It couldn't be that hard ... could it?  The formal living room already had a wet bar (so we could easily tie into the plumbing) and backed up to the laundry room (so we could easily tie into the gas line for our stove).   We convinced ourselves it would be easy, simple and cheap.


Anyway ... I'm getting off on a tangent.  The ball started rolling after we got sick of saying "It would be great if ..." and said "It will be great when ...".

Current layout of the house (not scaled correctly though)
New layout (the kitchen will be the unnamed room above the garage)

Cabinetry:  The cabinets will be shaker style in an Auburn glaze with simple brushed nickel hardware.

Flooring:  We want the look of large Travertine rectangular tiles in a brick pattern but the simplicity and easy care of ceramic (please message me if you know of something that will work).

Counters: Paradise Beach granite with demi bull-nose edge

Back splash:  3"x6" Travertine tiles laid in brick pattern.


Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

That is a HUGE project! We are working on our spare bath now. Yay for projects, not! This will be well worth the effort though. You should sell those old cabinets!

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

I saw that you were fixing up your bathroom! Renovations are such a pain in the butt but always worth it in the end!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!! I'm gonna have sooo much fun cleaning that kitchen! I cannot wait!

Lady Blachly said...

The materials are beautiful! That's my favorite color of granite and while I'm at it let me gush over the back splash too. What is it with Americans and fabulous kitchens...we're obsessed. ;)