Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rules to live by ...


Call it what you want, but all people create some sort of framework that keeps their life headed in the right direction.  A recent status update on a social networking site instigated me to put pen to paper and list out the rules I live by.

Many of these rules are “duh!” but it’s always good to be reminded.  I hope you enjoy these and possibly take a few to add to your rule book.

  1. Stand true to your convictions.
  2. Speak with confidence.
  3. Never make excuses.
  4. Be nice.
  5. Call your parents.
  6. Say I love you to your siblings.
  7. Remember your manners: Say “Please” and “Thank You”.
  8. Don’t ever forget that you have an imagination.
  9. Limit saying “I don’t care” only to when you really don’t care.
  10. Try to always care.
  11. Stand outside on a cold morning by yourself.
  12. Hold the door open for someone.
  13. Never make yourself too busy to help someone in need.
  14. Remember there is always someone who is worse off than you.
  15. Don’t be selfish.
  16. Be an expert at one thing instead of mediocre at many things.
  17. If you can walk, take the stairs.
  18. Compliment a stranger.
  19. You can never say “I Love You” too much.
  20. Pray … even if you’re not sure you believe in God.
  21. Be faithful to yourself.
  22. Don’t be embarrassed to cry.
  23. Don’t always be negative when gossiping.
  24. Be a role model.
  25. Never be too proud to ask for help.
  26. Make plans and don’t cancel them … even if you don’t want to go.
  27. Have a best friend.
  28. Know when to let go.
  29. Push your limits.
  30. Be a good “secret-keeper”.
  31. Remember that no one is perfect.
  32. Keep your promises.
  33. Share.
  34. If you borrow something, always return it in the same (or better) condition.
  35. Be honest.
  36. Speak clearly.
  37. Find what makes you happy.
  38. Keep peace in your heart.
  39. Live without regret.
  40. Say “I forgive you” if someone says they are sorry.
  41. Know when to say you’re sorry.
  42. Hope.
  43. Have standards.
  44. Have a passion.
  45. Be patient.
  46. Know there is always room for improvement.
  47. Know when to say “no”.
  48. Be humble, but don't be afraid to brag.
  49. A smile is contagious and a laugh is infectious.
  50. Breathe.

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Lady Blachly said...

Nice! I'd like to add: take more showers. That would be for me, not you. Unless you need to take more showers too.