Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a self-portrait-holic

My name is Becky.

I'm addicted to self portraits.

It all started when I was an insecure teenager.  
I wanted to be a model!  But my self consciousness prevented me from letting someone else take my picture.  

I could sneak into my room and snap pictures to my heart's content with no one ever knowing.

I practiced poses.
My "smizing" was spectacular!
My winky face was fabulous!

The drive to create masterful self portraits grew to an obsession when I purchased my first digital camera.

The options were endless!  I had instant results!  No more waiting for the one hour photo developing!

If I wasn't happy with the result, I could hit 'delete'.

The passion intensified in strength as the years passed and no one noticed the warning signs.

If I was within a 3 feet of someone taking pictures, I would cock my head just right, put on my "carmera smile" and pose. 
If I heard a camera shutter, I would push people out of the way to get in the shot.
Seeing a camera flash out of the corner of my eye would stop me dead in my tracks.

Having a precious family only worsened the addiction.  

How did I know the combination of their sweet faces and my delusional ideas of super-model-ness would create such a perfect petri dish for harvesting this addiction?!

Through the help and support of my dear friends and family, though, I am slowly gaining control of the Self-Portrait-ism.

In fact, there are currently 138 pictures on my Super-Duper-Dandy-Smarter-Than-My-Own-Good Smart Phone and only 121 are personal expressions of myself taken by myself.

The remaining 17 pictures look something like this.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! The last pic of you and Katie is so awesome!

dd said...

LOL!!! <3 ya! dd