Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rockstar Turned Three

Birthdays were always a BIG thing growing up in my family.  Usually it wasn’t a birth-DAY … it was birth-DAYS.  Nathan’s 3rd birthday was on the 26th and I made sure attempted to chronicle every minute of my big-boy’s special days!

Thursday, 8/25

In preparation of Nathan’s big day on Friday, he made himself a birthday crown!  He felt especially honored because I actually let him use markers instead of crayons.  Markers (and Play-Doh) are my worst enemies!

Thank God they're washable!

After Nathan went to bed, I put myself to the task of making his Birthday shirt!  I usually struggle with the application of iron on letters … those pesky corners never seem to stick.  Well, this time would be different!  I was bound and determined to make the dang letters stick on the first try.  Apparently I was too focused on the actual process of applying the letters and didn't think to double check the spelling of my son’s name.  Oy!

Friday, 8/26

BIRTHDAY!!!  I woke Nathan up by singing “Happy Birthday,” presenting him with his birthday shirt (Luckily he doesn’t know how to spell yet!), and crowing him the “Birthday Boy”!  He was so happy! 

Nathan telling Katie that it's his birthday

 The morning sky was breathtaking and seemed to even say Happy Birthday Nathan!

Hello Heaven!
That evening, we met my family for dinner where Nathan received some wonderful gifts and chowed down on an amazing dinosaur birthday cake.  (Unfortunately the dinner pictures are limited as the designated photographer – me – was busy walking the restaurant with a cranky little girl!)

Saturday, 8/27

Nathan opened up his gift from me and Shaun ... he LOVED it!!  But apparently the guitar strings irritated my rock-star's fingers and what should have been a fun, happy, musical time quickly turned into Nathan laying face down on the floor screaming at the top of his lungs saying "Da gee-tah hut Nasan!" (translation: The guitar hurts Nathan). Shaun was out the door in a flash on his way to Toys R Us to buy a more Nathan-finger-friendly guitar.

Opening up the "geetah"

Rockin' out!

Just imagine the beautiful music being made.

And then I completely slacked on taking pictures and stopped embracing every second of Nathan's special days!  Bad Ma!  Horrible Ma!  Anyway, below is a very rough representation of the "rock gee-tah" that replaced the "owie gee-gah".  Yes, it is drawn on a post-it.  Yes, it does look like a fish who was beaten to death with a caveman's club.  That is why I labeled the important parts of the guitar ... duh!  The squigly lines represent the guitar's noise lovely music (not the scent of a decomposing fish).  The squares are the buttons which have a tendency to get stuck on the "super loud, ear-drum shattering hard rock" mode when I'm feeding The Girl and Nathan refuses to acknowledge my requests of "Turkey, can you make the guitar stop 'rocking out' please?".  And the other squigly lines are the sweet flame stickers because every rockstar needs flames on his guitar!

The End.  Thank you! **

(**I had grand intentions when I started writing this entry almost 2 weeks ago!  This post was going to have a bajillion and fifty pictures of the birthday boy!  I would have memories of when he was born.  In my mind, this post was going to be as monumentous as curing cancer!  But, alas, life got in the way and I kept forgetting to take a picture of the new guitar.  And I had to go to work.  And Shaun's car kept breaking.  And the dreadful heat wouldn't end.  And I was in a bad mood.  And Nathan threw a temper tantrum.  And I was in an even badder mood.  And Katie puked on me.  And I was in a super, badest mood.  And I had to go to work.  And. And. And.)

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Lady Blachly said...

Ha! Always entertained when I swing by over here. Happy Birthday Nathan! (That shirt was GREAT!!)