Monday, September 12, 2011

My bloughts ...

I have always loved to write! My mama has boo-coo's of stories I wrote as a child.  Writing in this blog has reignited that passion and become an outlet for all the voices in my head.

If I could, I would update this blog every day.  But, there's one big-ole-honkin' hindrance to that ...


I wouldn't trade this non-stop, constantly moving chaos for anything in the world though. 

The voices have wonderful things to talk about and it usually strikes me while I'm in the shower,* giving The Girl a bottle, sitting in a meeting at work or laying in bed at 3:00 AM.

But Praise Sweet Jesus for modern technology!  

If it weren't for my "super-duper-smarter-than-a-1st-grader" phone, this blog would be a blank screen with senseless pictures drawn by me!  And no one (other than Nathan) wants to see that!

Hmmm ... Pimping my children and Duct tape?!  Aren't you intrigued?!

Co-workers see the death-grip I have on my phone and assume I'm an overly concerned parent and want to be reachable at all times.  And I'm sure my Mother-In-Law raises her eyebrows when I take my electronic appendage to the bathroom with me.  In reality, I keep my phone on my night stand so I can have a central location to record my bloughts (Blog Thought).  If I don't write my bloughts down immediately, they will disappear into the blog-hole (Blog Black Hole).

And just for grins and giggles, below is another masterpiece penned by yours-truly!

Self portrait of me and my phone ... my really, really big phone!

Notes to self:  a)  Get on that "Waterproof Memo Board" patent. b)  Register the words "bloughts" and "blog-hole" with wikipedia. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious! You are soooo hilarious! Love love love the self-portrait!