Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Becky’s top 10 beauty tips ...

Becky's Top 10 13 Beauty Tips

1.  Never, EVER look at yourself in the super magnified mirrors!  They show every flaw on your face!

2.  And RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN if the magnified mirror is lit as it will shine a spotlight on every single clogged pore and stray mole hair!


3.  Mascara! Mascara! Mascara!  The blacker the better!  On work days, I like to apply at least 3 coats to my eyes!  It is my go-to makeup when I look like death!


4.  When in doubt, wear black.

5.  Baby powder is awesome to soak up “it’s the weekend so I didn’t wash my hair” oil and grease.

6.  It is only necessary to shave below the knee… unless you’re going swimming.  In that case, shave the bikini area too!  But always, always have clean shaven arm-pits!

7.  Elastic hair bands are fashionably acceptable bracelets.

8.  Always wear clean undies!

9.  Every woman (or man?!) needs a pair of super sexy high heels!  Nothing makes me feel more “non-mom” than my red, patent leather stilettos!

10.  Johnson’s baby wash makes a great body wash if you have sensitive skin.

11.  The purple lotion (sleepy baby lotion) is my favorite scent and I use it every day.

12.  Strut around like a super-model when no one is looking (do it in your sexy heels to the beat of a Justin Timberlake song for an added boost of self-confidence!)

13.  A good laugh is an awesome facial workout and is necessary to keep your face skin tight and toned!


Anonymous said...

Hasn't that hair band-bracelet fashion statement been around for years? I've been wearing them for FOREVER! Since having a daughter, I'm now wearing hers too. In fact, I have a purple, pink, and blue one on right now! Oh and that baby powder oil soakup trick is a must! It actually works too!
Joey Ro

Sabrina said...

This post cracked me up!!! Thanks for sharing it and posting on my fan page!!


Anonymous said...

Love these!!
I am a firm believer in lots of mascara too, it's my go to makeup- I feel naked without it!

Hairbands- oh yes everyday- one for me, one for Maddie

And Magnified mirrors scare the H-E-L-L (see previous post) out of me.

-Xo Amanda