Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Randoms (Those Sexy Tiggers!)

1.  It never fails, as soon as I step away from my desk to go to the restroom, my phone rings and I get a voicemail.  I hate listening to voicemails!  Especially when the message is: “Hi Becky.  This is Mr. Dumb-di-Dum.  Give me a call back when you have a minute”.  Really?! 

**A note to all who read this: Please give some sort of indication as to why you’re calling me and the purpose to your voicemail!**
2.  I wish there was a machine that could record my thoughts!  I always think of the best things when I am no where near a writing utensil!  Greatness usually strikes me while I’m in the shower. 
Which reminds me … I really need to get to work on my ‘waterproof memo pad for the shower’ invention I’ve been thinking of for the past several years.

3.  Is it considered sexual harassment if a woman at work says “you look sexy”?  Cre-eeeepy!!!

4.  I hate it when I *think* my outfit looks great in the morning after I put it on, but then realize my skirt is a little too short after I get to work (especially when it took a woman to say “you look sexy” for me to really realize my dress was a hot mess)!

5.  The lotion I put on this morning makes my legs feel greasy.  
Pasty white, greasy, un-shaven legs =!

6.  I can’t tell if my kiddos are twinkies or not … below is a picture taken of them at similar ages … what do you think?
Baby Nathan

Baby Katie

7.  I’m so excited!!!  I think I saw a slight hint of green coming through Katie’s blue eyes!!  OMG!  I would LOVE for her to have Shaun’s awesome green eyes!

8.  Nathan will turn 3 at the end of the month and it makes me sad!  I want my Turkey Leg to stay little forever!! 

9.  One thing I would like Nathan to grow out of … being in diapers!  I’m still praying every night that he magically wakes up and decides to go poop and pee on the potty!

10.  My new absolute, most favorite website right now (other than Facebook) is Rants from Mommyland!  It is hi-stair-ee-kul!

11.  There are currently 6 (yes, s-i-x) drinking vessels on my desk right now (evidence below) … And half of them are empty.

That's *the* greasy lotion in the background ...

12.  Yesterday evening, Nathan was bugging me to watch the “Tigger Show” so, like any normal person, I thought he meant Winnie-The-Pooh.  When I told him I couldn’t find it OnDemand, he about had a melt down saying: “I NEE DO WASH THE TIGGER SOW … PUH-LEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!”  I finally figured out he was saying “Digger Show” which translated to Fraggle Rock (because they dig … duh.) which is on OnDemand.  All was right in Nathan’s world after that.

13.  And finally, the highlight of my day yesterday was trying out a new hold for my ring sling.  Katie seemed to love it!
*Not me (or Katie) in the picture, but it gives you an idea

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