Friday, August 12, 2011

Pet Peeves and Annoyances by the Letter

Asymmetrical Clothes

Holy Missing Sleeve, Bella!
(Go Team Edward)
Boogers … regardless of the person’s relation or age, I want to hold a tissue up to their nose and say “blow”!


Excessive perspiration
Oh Fergie! GROSS!

Fingerprints on glass and mirrors
Greasy hair
I bet there's a grease stain on your pillow case!

Half glass left in the bottle of wine
My kind of lady!

Ill fitting bras
Thank you!

Japanimation … the overly large eyes are creepy.

Kernels of popcorn stuck in my teeth
Loud toys
Should come with a lifetime supply of ear plugs!

Mispronunciations … The word is supposEDLY not supposABLY!
Nervous laughter
Open toed shoes with panty hose

People saying: You look tired today. 
Quizno’s Rodents … they’re kinda scary.

Rugs that slip across the floor
Sloppily folded newspapers at the car repair place
If you want to know how to make me hyperventilate ... see pic above.

 Things not stacked in order of size
Uncharged rechargeable batteries
Visible bra straps
I wonder if this poor child will be able to reproduce?

Xanax and Xerox … why don’t the words begin with the letter “Z”?
Yellowed-Belly Cowards!  (I couldn't think of anything better that started with "Y")
Zits on my face!  I’m 31 years old, not 13!

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Most of these things annoy the s-h-i-t (hah) out of me... Other than I do love Bella's dress :P