Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a pill popper

Every morning, I have to take my "ummy edison" (Nathan-ism for Yummy Medicine ... a.k.a. MY DRUGS!).  Over the past year, the amount ummy edisons have increased exponentially. 

At this time last year, I only took 1 multi vitamin ... now I take upwards of 8 pills every morning!

You:  Becky, why on God's green earth do you pop so many pills?!
Me: Well, the edisons aren't taken for my well being ... they are taken for the benefit of others.  My pill-popping is my charity to world peace.  Please refer to below image and chart detailing each pill and it's purpose.

My face before the pills are taken in the morning.

For Whom:
2 Advil
Pain Relief

"Oh, My Aching Back" Relief
Nathan and Katie
To ease the back pain so that I can continue to carry both kids, at the same time, to the car … every.morning!

("Ma, I hode you!!"  Nathan-ism for "Ma, PICK ME UP!")

2 Sudafed
Sinus Relief

"Pounding Headache" Relief
My Work Boss
So my head is clear enough to focus on doing the work that pays the bills so I can continue to buy my drugs.

(It also takes the edge off my splitting headache.  Thank you lovely Texas allergies!)

Vitamin B6
Energy Booster

"Afternoon Heavy Eyelid Prevention" Pill
My Work Associates
To keep me awake and alert during the 2 hour meeting to strategize the upcoming Strategy Meeting or the 3 hour meeting to recap the recap.

(I don't want to be "that guy" who everyone makes fun of for falling asleep in meetings!)

Multi Vitamin
Overall Health

"Feeble Attemt at Being Healthy" Pill
To give me the strength to make it through the day so I can spend a few, precious moments each night on the couch with Shaun watching TV.

(The vitamins also make my hair shiny!  Which in turn makes me pretty and ultimately benefits Shaun too??)


"Happy" Pill!
My Family
My family would suffer an agonizing misery that words cannot explain if I didn't take my miracle "happy pills"!

(I also enjoy being on the outside of a mental institution)

Birth Control Pills

"No More Babies" Pill!
The World
I don't know if the world could handle the awesomeness one more spawn from Shaun and Becky.

(See comment above regarding a mental institution as one more Shecky Spawn would also land me inside)

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Lady Blachly said...

I always thoroughly enjoy your charts. Thank God for lexapro and vitamins.