Thursday, June 9, 2011

Katie's Birth Story ...

May 21, 2011
It was Saturday ... induction day!  I woke up unusually calm especially considering I was going to be a mom to a new baby in less than 24 hours.  It was an overcast, somewhat rainy morning.  Nathan and I took full advantage of it and spent the morning outside playing in the mud.  When Shaun woke up, he quickly joined us outside.  It was just an ordinary Saturday.

Nathan enjoying the mud!

Nathan will miss sitting on Katie

We agreed to meet Shaun's parent's for dinner at 6:00 for our "last supper" and hand Nathan off for the weekend.  On our way to meet Shaun's parent's, I started to feel really bad and have pretty intense contractions that felt like they were on top of each other.  Shaun and I decided to hand Nathan off to his parent's in the parking lot of the restaurant and go ahead to the hospital a few hours early.

I gave Nathan a hug and kiss ... told him I loved him and that we were going to pick up his Baby Sister.  He looked at me and said: Love you too Mama.  He looked so sad and forlorn.  I think he knew that his life was about to dramatically change.

No, not yet.  It's too soon!  I'm not ready to give him up as being my only baby!

Fast forward an hour and we are checked into L&D.  The contractions are spaced 8 minutes apart but there is little progress down below.  The charge nurse, Karen is the one who tended to me and said she hoped to meet Katie when her shift ended at 7:00 the next morning.  I was put on a very low dose of pitocin to help things progress.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Karen sent Shaun home around 1:30 AM with the anticipation that I wouldn't have Katie until much later in the morning and that he should get some sleep.

Contractions continue throughout the night and I was finally able to get an epidural at 5:00 AM when I finally was 4 cm.  I don't remember the epi feeling that way with Nathan ... the pins and needles sensation was the weirdest feeling on the face of the earth and I HATED it!

Shortly after the epidural, something didn't feel right ... I could still feel quite a bit of pain.  Then the nurse brought in the delivery cart which freaked me out so decided to call Shaun around 5:20 and asked him to start making his way to the hospital.  He made it into the room around 6:00.

At 6:15, I started feeling intense pain that I couldn't breath through.  I paged the nurse to let her know the epidural wasn't working.  The anesthesiologist came in and adjusted the epi and it didn't help at all.

At 6:45, Karen came in to say my OB was on his way in to break my water and get the baby out.  While in the room, she wanted me to turn from my right side to the left side to help alleviate the pain.  While turning me, she decided to check my cervix to see what progress was made.  Karen pulled the sheet back and gasped "there's a head!"

Over the next few minutes, the room filled with nurses and Karen kept telling me to hold on for 5 minutes as my OB was on his way.  I just remember thinking to myself "I can't feel a damn thing!  I will try and 'hold on' ...".

The next thing I knew, I hear a nurse say "she's coming out!"  I look over at Shaun thinking "not yet!  It's not time yet!"  And then I hear it.  A mighty cry among all the buzz.  I look down and see Karen holding a baby.

My baby.  
My sweet little Katie!  
Screaming her head off, mad at the world Katie!

Just then my obstretician came into the room and couldn't believe he missed the event!  He did step in to deliver the placenta ... which I actually had to push twice to get out and give me one small stitch from a tear.

The next thing I know, I see my OB and Shaun with gloves on examining every aspect of my placenta ... I had the sense to take a pic of this with my phone.

My most vivid memory was looking at Shaun and seeing the expression on his face as he watched his baby girl being born.  It was so surreal!

And that's sweet Katie's story ... short and simple!

And here are her stats:
Born on Sunday, 5/22, at 6:57 AM, weighing 6 lbs. 13 ozs and 19 1/2" long


Shan said...

Hey there,

I tried dropping a few times, but never could comment from my computer. My husband will probably *love* letting me use his for the sole purpose of commenting on blogs, haha, but it's important!

I just wanted to say how beautiful your sweet girl is, and what an amazing birth story you have. I cannot believe you had the presence of mind to take that picture. Except that I have been surprised at the things I've thought of while in labor, too... never thought to take a picture though, that's really something!

Congratulations! I hope you're healing well, resting a lot (is it possible to sleep while the kids are sleeping? I had that happen twice in the five months I was home after Fynnie was born... and not at all since then unless I lay down and nurse Fynnie while Mad's napping). I'll look forward to hearing about your new life with two little ones whenever you're ready.


Shan :+)

Lady Blachly said...

Whoa! She popped right out! Love it! There's nothing like a good birth story!

Congrats to you three!