Sunday, May 15, 2011

What does IT MEAN?!

At this stage in the game during my first pregnancy, I was already home from the hospital with a bouncing baby boy!  But, alas, here I sit with a very comfy, baby girl chill-axin in my torso and pelvis. 

I had the ease of my water breaking with Nathan so I knew he was coming.

I'm already mentally saying "Why can't you be more like your brother?!"

I felt my first contraction 3 weeks ago and I was so happy!  It was progress!  BGL would be with us soon!!  But, nope.  I just have incredibly painful contractions throughout the day with no steady rhyme or rhythm.

I feel like a contestant on a twisted game show and the baby inside of me is the prize!  Only I have zero control over how, when or where I will receive my prize.

With this phase of pregnancy now upon me, it has me asking myself "What does it mean" at least 47 times a day. 

I've had a ridiculous headache for several days now ... what does it mean?
No one slept well in the house last night  ... what does it mean?
The waddle is uncontrollable ... what does it mean?
The dog is following me around everywhere ... what does it mean?
Today is May the 15th.  My mama's gut has told her for months now that BGL will arrive on the 15th ... what does it mean?

My head is full of nothing but questions about this dang baby:
There's a full moon on the 17th.   Will the baby come then?
My brother's out of town.  Is she waiting for him to be in town to make her appearance?
I have a friend in town and she's leaving tomorrow.  Will she get to meet the baby before she leaves?

Then there are the moronic questions:
My nose looks slightly swollen.  Does that mean something?
The weather is unusually pleasant for mid May.  Is that significant?
The bathroom rug keeps moving no matter how many times I straighten it.  Is that important?

And a picture of BGL this morning for your viewing pleasure ...
I went "artsy" with the black and white as it best hid the huge blue veins mapped on my belly.

Even though I'm the mama in this equation, BGL is already doing a great job of dictating my life!  I guess I should get used to it though. 

Oh crap!  Nathan just figured out how to open the garage door!  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


Chrystal's Corner said...

What does it mean? That cracks me up! So hard to be at the end and playing the waiting game. Praying that BGL makes her appearance soon so that you can stop playing the guessing game and in the meantime, hopefully you can find some peace (I know, easier said than done!).

Shan said...

I'm pretty sure the shifting rug is a sign. Hoping she's here and your nose goes back to normal soon (I seriously worried that my nose would stay swollen... it didn't).

joannakitler said...

I guess what it means is (going back to the typical answer)'s a different pregnancy. They're different circumstances. Different baby. Frustrating I KNOW!!! Why Why Why??? I would not hesitate to's the gender thing. I've always said BOYS ARE SO MUCH EASIER! At least Caden always was AND IS! Don't worry though. This time next month you'll be wondering where the time went. I pray BGL's appearance comes soon!

Lady Blachly said...

Man I always wonder why the bathroom rug can't stay put. For heavens sake. I'm getting frustrated just thinking about it. But I digress! So this is why I ended up inducing!! It was just simply TIME! Love the belly shot. Looks like your probably loving life right now...