Saturday, April 23, 2011

No ... I didn't have the baby yet.

It's still a little too early for that. 

I've been MIA for the following reasons:
1.  I'm nesting like a mad woman and have been incapable of relaxing until everything is ready for BGL!
2.  The additional nesting action in the evenings have depleted my energy. 
3.  The pics from the old computer still haven't been transferred to the new lap top.*
4.  I lost my camera adapter cord a while back and haven't received the replacement yet.*
*I insist on having at least ONE picture in each of my blogs so no pics = no blog!

BUT, the blog juices are still flowing so be prepared for theleverettlife to inundate you with fun stuff shortly!

Here are some topics to wet your appetite:

Of course there's baby topics:
-The big reveal of BGL's nursery! (Yes, it's done ... enough!)
-Baby sprinkles!!  And bragging about my wonderful friends and family!

And the non baby related topics:
-Nathan's new MONKEY!!!!
-Reasons why Texas is the best state ... EVER!
-Meal planning and recipes!  (just kidding!)

That's it for now!!  I hope all y'all are doing great and will come back and visit when I get this blog rolling again!


Shan said...

What?! No meal plans? What am I supposed to *do*? Hehe. (Seriously though, have you ever noticed that a lot of blog meal plans are over-processed/high fat and salt OR *so* "healthy" that nobody will really want to eat them?)

Can't wait to read the upcoming posts and see the nursery. As for the cord, is it something you have to send away for? Mine got damaged and we bought a very cool replacement (retractable cord!) at Best Buy for $25.

Lady Blachly said...

*chanting* (in three syllables) Nur-ser-y! Nur-ser-y! Nur-ser-y!

beckyj said...

I love looking at nursery pics so I can't wait! And I don't like to post without pics either so I totally know what it's like to get behind on posting because of it :)