Saturday, April 30, 2011

The nursery ...

Ahem, Ahem ....

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ... the nursery!

(Insert mental image of me doing a grand bow with an outstretched arm revealing the beautiful room ... now insert mental image of someone rushing to my aid to help me stand upright again!)

Let's not forget where this room was just a short 8 weeks ago ... the nursery before and in process.

And ... here is the after ...

The bumper, sheet and bedskirt were made by an amazing friend!  There is an insert in the black/pink/green dotted bumper of BGL's initials on a sweet green/white floral fabric.  The bedskirt (which is hard to see) is a pink/green/black stripe which matches the bumper.  The sheet is the same green/white floral fabric as the inset in the bumper.

The glider is a hand me down from Nathan's room (which was a hand me down from Shaun's brother and sister-in-law) and I re-upholstered the cushions in a fun pink/white dotted pattern.  I ran out of the pink/white dot before I made it to recovering the ottoman so I used the extra fabric from the bedskirt.  The little stool to the left of the glider was stolen from the garage (sorry Shaun!) and recovered in the extra black/pink dot fabric on the bumper pad. The rug and pillow are a super soft cream colored mohair.

For wall art, I created a "clothes line" with some jute and pink/green clothes pins.  The clothes were wonderful gifts from my shower.  And the bulletin board by the glider was found in Nathan's closet and recovered in a fun green/white fabric with green grosgrain ribbon.

And the window.  This dang window was my nemesis for a long time!  It is a very awkward size and very short.  I ended up hanging the long window panels (blackout, of course) 20" above the window to visually lengthen the window and found some great green/white wall art which filled the space perfectly above the window. The shelf unit is a leftover piece of furniture from my college days which I found tucked in the corner of the garage and is perfect for storing all of her girly stuff. 

The wall art above the changing table/dresser is extra fabric stretched over art canvases. And the changing pad is a sweet green/white dotted minky fabric.

Overall, I am very pleased with how the room turned out! 

Now, we just need a sweet baby to make it all complete!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

No ... I didn't have the baby yet.

It's still a little too early for that. 

I've been MIA for the following reasons:
1.  I'm nesting like a mad woman and have been incapable of relaxing until everything is ready for BGL!
2.  The additional nesting action in the evenings have depleted my energy. 
3.  The pics from the old computer still haven't been transferred to the new lap top.*
4.  I lost my camera adapter cord a while back and haven't received the replacement yet.*
*I insist on having at least ONE picture in each of my blogs so no pics = no blog!

BUT, the blog juices are still flowing so be prepared for theleverettlife to inundate you with fun stuff shortly!

Here are some topics to wet your appetite:

Of course there's baby topics:
-The big reveal of BGL's nursery! (Yes, it's done ... enough!)
-Baby sprinkles!!  And bragging about my wonderful friends and family!

And the non baby related topics:
-Nathan's new MONKEY!!!!
-Reasons why Texas is the best state ... EVER!
-Meal planning and recipes!  (just kidding!)

That's it for now!!  I hope all y'all are doing great and will come back and visit when I get this blog rolling again!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Random thoughts (4/15/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

1.  We bought one of those new fangled lap top computers this week and it's taking some major getting used to.  I'm not used to this freedom and mobility!!
2.  Sissy just licked my dress ... she's one odd taco!!
3.  Why are there different spellings for names that sound the same ... for example: break and brake.  I would hope the context of the sentence would be obvious to the reader if it was referencing a car part or a reason to eat a Kit Kat Bar.  ("Gimme a Break, Gimme a Break!  Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar")
4.  I received BGL's bedding yesterday!!!  So hopefully it will motivate my tubby belly to finish up her room ASAP as I'm sure y'all are all dying to see the end result!!!
5.  I dreamed I was a truck driver last night ... Can you image me (I'm 5'1" for those who don't know me) driving a Big Rig!!!  And the song "I'm Driving My Life Away" was playing in my dream ... and now it will be stuck in my head all day long!
6.  My mama's health is improving every day!  And she's still smoke free!  Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts!
7.  I really wish stores didn't have 60 day return policies.  Long return policy timelines don't help my procrastination at all!
8.  A Facebook friend refers to his son as "Squid" ... it makes me feel so much better about calling Nathan "Turkey Leg"!
9.  Another Facbook friend posted "What IF the Hokey Pokey really is all it's about?!"  That really made me think ... hmmm.  I would be happy with that as long as I could be10 years old and in roller skates again!
10.  I have a baby check up this morning and feel like I'm playing hookey because I'm home at 7:00 on a Friday morning!

No Pics or Links this week as this fancy computer hasn't been 100% set up yet.

Written at 6:58AM in 14 minutes on Friday, 4/15/11 (it took a little longer because I'm at home and tending to my domesticated expectations while writing this)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monkey (#2)!!!!!!! There are no words to capture the happiness and excitement in my heart right now!

As you know, Nathan does not do much without Monkey!  

(altogether now ... )
Poor Monkey!

I purchased Monkey for Nathan when he was still my belly from the clearance rack at World Market almost 3 years ago. Monkey was cute and would make a nice addition to the monkey collection I was forcing on my unborn child.  And it totally matched the decor of his nursery.

Fast forward 2 ½ years and … well … all I can say is … Poor Monkey! 

(altogether now … )
Poor Monkey!

Little did I know that this stuffed animal would become MONK-EEEEE!!!!  Nathan's absolute, bestest BFF in the entire galaxy! 

Hindsight is 20/20 and knowing what I know now, more than one monkey should have been purchased.

I have nightmares of Nathan coming to me holding nothing but little brown corduroy monkey ear asking what happened to Monkey.  I do not want my son to learn his first lesson on death that way!

For the past 2 years, I've been on the search for a new Monkey. 

I thought finding a replacement monkey was a pipe-dream.  I bought it on clearance after all.  

But the thought that a new Monkey existed somewhere in the world kept my dream alive. 

(Insert song “Somewhere Out There” from Fivel Goes West)

I would stop by World Market every month or so praying Monkey would be there. 

I tried every google, bing and yahoo variation of "corduroy", "brown", "cream", "striped", "monkey", "World Market", "please Jesus" imaginable but nada.  No Monkey!

Something in my gut (or was it indigestion?) told me to try the internet search again today .

On a whim, I click on a curious item halfway through the first page.  It called out plush stuffed animals from World Market on Ebay.
What I saw took my breath away!  It's as if heaven opened up and the cherubs started singing!  I could not believe my eyes!

Could it be??  No, there's no way it could be!  Is it really??  Monkey??  THE MONKEY???  MY NATHAN’S MONKEY???

I just got goosebumps recalling the memory from earlier today.  The excitement can only be compared to Christmas of 1985 when I awoke to my Barbie Dream House in front of the tree!

But there he was, in the electronic flesh … MONKEY!  Brand new, beautiful, clean, un-vomited on Monkey!!!  Lovely, happy Monkey with all 4 limbs!!!  Monkey #2 will be all mine for $39.99 (plus shipping and handling)! 

What? What? WHAT??  $40 for a stuffed animal??  To replace something that I spent $10.00 three years ago?? 

Who am I kidding?!  This is my child's potential happiness I'm thinking of!!  You cannot put a price on Nathan’s happiness!  

It also helped that I sent a message to the seller explaining my situation and he/she knocked $10.00 off the price.

Hopefully he will arrive by this weekend!  

I know in my heart of hearts that nothing will ever take the place of Monkey (#1), but I know I will sleep a little more peacefully at night knowing Monkey (#2) is available if the need ever surfaces.

And let this be a little lesson to any parent's out there ... make sure to buy 2 of EVERYTHING as you never, ever know what your kids will latch on to! 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh scheikie-doodles!!!

Anyone who is a parent, aunt, uncle, friend or acquaintance of a toddler knows they are a walking, eating, breathing record player.  They will repeat anything you say at the most inopportune time.

Here's a perfect example that took place when Nathan was first talking ...
Scene: Monday, early evening, in our front yard.  The air is warm and dry, the sun is streaming through the oak trees, the evening was perfect.  Nathan is happily in his own world playing with sticks.  Sissy is eating the grass and acorns.  Shaun and I are discussing the evening's dinner plans when we hear the sweetest, most angelic voice blurt out a four letter word beginning with the letter "F".  Shaun and I both did a double take ...
Me (trying to sound as calm as possible):  What did you say baby??
Nathan: F***!!! (in an incredibly matter of fact tone)
Me (to Shaun): I wonder where he heard that?! (condescending, of course)
Shaun (to me):  That's not what he said.  And he didn't hear it from me!  I never say that word.   (He then speaks to Nathan)  Hey Buddy!  Can you say that again please?
Nathan:  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU***********************! (making sure to enunciate as clearly as possible so there is no mistaking what he said)

Shaun and I ignored his repeated use of this word that evening and, luckily, the fascination quickly wore off.  It was then that we realized the importance of censoring our language to prevent another occurrence of Mr. Potty Mouth!  

I couldn't even imagine the horror if he decided to bust out with that word while we were doing our weekly grocery shopping!  How could I cover that one up?  *That's right Nathan.  The music is "funky"?!)

I now have a very colorful and creative vocabulary I use when I'm feeling frustrated and would normally let an obscenity fly.

Sometimes I like to stick to the tried and true, good old fashioned cuss words ...

Other times, I spell the words out ...
"D-A-M-M-I-T Sissy!  Get out of the way!"

Then there are the the abbreviated words ...
"F'ing' DB!"

And when I'm super frustrated, I resort to the following ...
"Oh FUZZ!!!"  (Use this in place of the obvious other "F" word)
"Schneikies!" (Thank you Chris Farley!!)
"Schneikie-Doodles"  (A variation of the above mentioned word and to be used as a stand alone phrase)
"Peanuts!"  (Again, a freestanding word that needs no accompaniment)
"Rat Poison" (Can be used as a name for someone)
"Dingle-berry" (Again, great for name calling)

And my personal favorites ... Religious expletives*
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" (to be used as a statement)
"Sweet Jesus!" (used as a gasp)
"Dear Lord!" (numerous purposes)
"Of all things Holy!" (to be said in a moment of shock and awe)
"Lord have Mercy!" (used in a tone that says "you've got to be kidding")
*I taught myself to actually say a little prayer when I make the above comments out of fear that God will reign lightening down on me for using His name in vein!  

Using such phrases have become second nature to me now.  
I don't notice the stares I get at work when I drop something and blurt out with "Oh Nancy!"
Or when I send an e-mail without the attachment ... "Poop!  Dang it!"
And then today, I actually said "Sweet Jesus and all that is Holy!  He is such a Dingle-Berry!  Ugh!  Schneikies!" 
... in a meeting 
... at work 
... in front of my boss!

(Very mature Becky.  You're such a Goober Nut.  Geez!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

progress report ...

As usual, we've been super busy in the House of Leverett feathering the nest for the new wee one and there is a lot to share. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, please take the next few minutes of your life to peruse the progress of "Project Pink"! 

 Thank you!
When I last left you, the old pink room was stripped of all furniture, molding and popcorn ceiling ...
Shaun taught a very eager student the art of mixing wall and ceiling texture ... (notice the silhouette of the pregnant photographer??)

Once the walls and ceiling were refinished to a much more "this century" orange peel texture, everything was primed and ready for painting.

Painting was a team effort during Nathan's nap time (I painted the bottom half and Shaun tackled the top half).

Paint: Done!  Next step, install the chair rail and hang the new ceiling fan.
And since we like to train 'em young, Nathan of course helped!
A lot!

Then one Saturday morning, I let Shaun sleep in and decided to work on cleaning out the closet to make way for all of the super cute clothes the girl will wear!
And of course, I had my 30 lb helper by my side!
Notice the new closet door and pretty chair rail?
 We had every intention to re-use Nathan's hand me down crib for BGL, but it was handed down 1 too many times and broke as it was being transported from Nathan's room to BGL's room.  So, we did what any super frugal (aka cheap) people do and called around to see if there were any old cribs laying around!  SUCCESS!!  Our friends (the ones who gave us some of the clothes) still had the crib, mattress and changing table from their daughter!  It took a few weekends to coordinate the furniture move, but it was so worth the wait!!
Crib ... now it just needs the bedding (and a baby)
And dresser/changing table.
Hopefully having the furniture will help calm my nightmare of this baby not having adequate sleeping accommodations when she comes home!

Normally I like to end my entries with a poignant and thought provoking message, but this big belly is tired and ready to put her feet up after a long weekend!

Stay tuned for the next (and final) installment of "Project Pink" ... err ... "Project Green" ... ummm ... "Project Nursery" ... ARGH!  
... Just stay tuned!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts (4/1/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

1.  I really, really, REALLY wanted to play an April Fool's joke today and make my work people think I was in labor, but I just couldn't bring myself to do that.  (Especially since my water broke at work when I went into labor with Nathan)
2.  It's opening day for the Texas Rangers!  Woo Hoo!!!  Beat those obnoxious Boston Red Sox!!!
3.  While I’m super happy the Rangers made it to the World Series last season, part of me hates that there are so many more people following the team and going to the games!  I hate crowds and going to a Rangers game was always such a great experience because it was NEVER crowded!!
4.  The weather is perfect today … sunny and 85!  Makes me LOVE Texas!
5.  My son’s favorite song to sing is “Sing a Song”.  I think that song is now my favorite song too!
6.  Alexandria on America’s Next Top Model has GOT TO GO!!  
7.  I love how toddler’s dance!  I really wish I could get away with dancing like them and not get laughed at.  There was a boy at the grocery store last night just dancing away to the music on the speakers … it was the highlight of my day!
8.  My brain is already outside enjoying the beautiful weather!
9.  Today's date adds up to 16 (4+1+11=16).   I smart!
10.  What are y’alls big plans this weekend??

I hope this picture makes you laugh!  One of my all-time favorite Nathan pictures!

Written at 1:52 in 12 minutes on Friday, 4/1/11