Friday, March 4, 2011

Random Thoughts (3/4/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

1.  3 of my Facebook friends had babies this week!  Welcome little Zara, little Cole and little Annslee!!!
2.  I love the raspberry/lime green color combo ... it just sounds yummy!!
3.  If yellow and blue make green, why isn't green called "Blellow" or "Yue"??  Where did "Green" come from?
4.  I can't function in a messy house, but can't stand sitting at an un-messy desk.
5.  Why is it I receive diaper coupons the DAY AFTER I buy diapers?  Grrr!
6.  I'm having a hard time collecting my thoughts right now ...
7.  I think I love the raspberry/lime green/orange color combo more!  It sounds way yummier than #2.
8.  Why can I never spell the word dhiarrea diareah diarrhea correctly??
9.  Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?  Why not chocolate?
10.  The hightlight of my day is watching "Wheel of Fortune" every evening with Nathan.  I swear that show is helping him learn the alphabet!  (And who says you don't learn anything beneficial from TV?)

Written at 3:46 in 12 minutes on Friday, 3/4/11 (It took a little longer than normal since I had to spell-check #8)

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Shan said...

Grr! I was just commenting on another post but hit something and it landed me here. And then I saw the part about buying diapers right before receiving coupons. I read this post when I was here previously, and thought about this very thing yesterday afternoon. If you need Huggies coupons, I've got 'em. *sigh*

The other comment was about how much I love your post from BGL. What a sweet gift for when she's older.

My middle child was referred to as BGS (S for our last name) by my best friend even though we didn't find out if BGS was Madelyn or Oliver until my husband saw and said, "I think it's a girl. It's a GIRL!" Whenever I read BGL it takes me back.