Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Thoughts (3/25/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

  1. The bluebonnets are starting to bloom!!! 
  2. Who decided that pink was the color for girls and blue the color for boys?? 
  3. I think I would like my dog more if she didn’t have any claws!  I can’t stand the constant ‘click, click, click’ in our house!
  4. Whatever happened to Kris Kross, Another Bad Creation and PM Dawn??
  5. Scientists can’t find a cure for cancer, but they can sure figure out a way to make Seedless Watermelons?! 
  6. The smell of Head and Shoulders shampoo and Jergens lotion makes me think of my Gram!  (Love her!!)
  7. What would the world be like if the caveman didn’t stand up on his feet?  What if he stood on his hands??  Would we wear shoes on our hands then?? And gloves on our feet??
  8. #7 has me thinking … Would we still write with our hands?  Or would our toes evolve to be opposable??
  9. I don’t know if I could deal with gloves on my feet … I don’t like the way it feels having things between my toes!
  10. Who is better?!  Bon Jovi or Def Leppard??  Hmmm …  

Written at 3:09 in 11 minutes on Friday, 3/25/11


beckyj said...

I've wondered the same thing about #2. I love my husband in a pink button down or a pink tie :)

Caro said...

I cannot stand the click click either. Especially
In the middle of the night. I swear they walk louder at night. Kels thinks my hearing is amplified by 100x even if I keep telling him that after all these years of flying it isn't that good anymore lol!! I hate those socks that have separate toes. They feel weird;)..

Holly said...

I saw a documentary somewhere that in the last century, it was the other way around with number 2! Pink used to symbolize power and wealth in a man. If I remember, it wasn't until WW2 that the color roles switched. Random trivia. lol

Buffy said...

LOL! You are too funny!I can't stand things between my toes either. Especially after a pedicure when they put those spongy toe separators on while the toes dry.

Buffy said...

Oh, and it is definitely Bon Jovi!!!

Rebecca said...

To expand on what Holly used to be for boys because it was warlike, fiery, strong. Blue was used for girls because it was calm, serene, earth mother. I don't know when it switched. Also, all babies of all genders wore 'dresses' until age 2 or so!

Caryn said...

All things considered, I think it has to be Def Leppard...their drummer only has one arm, for Pete's sake! I'm always impressed by the way he came back from that accident. Oh, and Mumford and Sons has a song about coming out of your cave walking on your hands...did that make you think of all that?

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

Thanks for the clarification on pink vs. blue! I will have to let Shaun know that he will not be "G-A-Y" if he wears pink!
And Caryn ... I did make all that up in my head (yes, my brain is that odd). Now I need to google that song as I've never heard of it!

Re: Bon Jovi vs. Def Leppard debate ... I'm leaning towards Joe Elliot at this time as there is not a DL song I don't rock out to! Whereas (other than Slippery When Wet) there are some pretty cheesy BJ (giggle) songs.