Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ruffles and lace and pink ... Oh My!

I have been apprehensive to say the least ever since December when the ultrasound revealed we were having a BGL instead of a BBL!

I have always been outnumbered by boys.  Growing up, my immediate  family consisted of me, my mama, my daddy and my 2 older brothers.  My extended family was my grandma, aunt, uncle, 1 female cousin and 2 male cousins.  When I met Shaun, I met his 3 brothers, dad and (poor) mom!  Long story short, I'm used to testosterone.  I prefer hanging out with the guys.  I can deal with boys and men much better than I can deal with girls and women.

Don't get me wrong ... I'm so excited to have a little girl, but still terrified of how I will manage the equal amounts of estrogen and testosterone in the house.

I compiled a Girls vs. Boys chart below to detail the reasons for my baby-girl-phobia ...

Now I am finding myself getting a little anxious ... no ... excited at the thought of a little baby girl.  This is evidenced through the following points:

  • The room remodel:  Obviously I love a good 'before' and 'after' project, but I am actually getting excited about all of the fun, girly decorating!   I actually dreamed of lime and raspberry polka dots the other night!

  • The hand-me-downs:  I have friends with daughters and am the proud recipient of TONS of their old clothes ... 8 - 50 gallon trashbags full of clothes!  I really don't think I will have to buy any new clothes for her until she's 2!!
Impressed with my organization??
Obviously I was stoked at all the free stuff!  But, good grief, this stuff is beyond C-U-T-E!!  I have laid out my favorites so far below ...
Green/White Gingham with Smocking??  ADORABLE!
Red/White Gingham diaper cover?  SERIOUSLY??
Strawberries??  I'm having flashbacks to Strawberry Shortcake!

Words can't describe the precious factor!
Ditsy Floral, Ric Rac, Plaid and Fruit?!  I'm giddy!!!
And have I mentioned the Diaper Covers??  Luckily it will be summer time when this little girl is born because I plan to dress her in nothing but diaper covers!
Um ... yep ... those are denim diaper covers ...
So, needless to say, the journey through preparing the material items for BGL's arrival is opening my eyes to a whole new world!  

And who says a little girl can't be cute AND messy?!  After all, I was one of those super cute girls with the pig tails, pinafores and patent leather mary janes covered in dirt from head to toe!


Courtney said...

Awww, the last dress you have on there is one that Claire has too! We can dress them like twins...except I don't think Claire's fits anymore!

Chrystal's Corner said...

I really like this post!! As a mom of three boys I can't imagine adding a girl in the mix at this point...I think their would be a lot of the feelings you are having. But that fabric and those clothes are enough to make any mama drool:)

Becky said...

Court ... you could always put the boy in it. I won't tell!

Shan said...

I remember feeling a little freaked out while pregnant with Mad. We didn't know she was a she, but just the thought! I remember telling my husband, "but if we have a girl... well, cleaning boys is just a matter of up, down, around and you're done!" LOL

I wanted to do a post about how cute my Mad-A-Girl is when she's getting dirty, but the fact is that it's a royal pain to upload photos for some reason (I can only upload one, put it in a post before I have to exit out of blogger, sign in again and upload one more... why?!?). So here's a link to a post from last year:
Mad helped us prep our yard for sod. (It's a long post, feel free to scroll down to the photo of the sweet gardening girl). Trust me, she was *filthy* LOL.
Clothes are a definite perk of daughters. As Fynn's our last, I've been giving away what she's outgrowing. So far her clothes have gone to two boys and four girls around the country... because *nobody* can help themselves when it comes to shopping for a girl. Nobody.
Oh, and the hysterics? Okay, some of that's personality, I know... but you're not going to be one of those mamas who whines for BGL when she falls, right? (Please? LOL) When Mad falls, she gets up and says, "Twy again" (okay, yes, that's when she's not wailing some gawd-awful fake cry, but that's a recent development... we're working on it).


Shan :+)

Holly said...

Awww...I wish I could have a girl. Although, after 2 boys, the idea of a girl really freaks me out. If I do ever have a girl, she will be the most protected little thing ever with 2 big brothers.

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

You scored with all those handmedowns!!! Your chart cracked me up because I am still feeling the same anxieties about having a baby girl. It is a different game with a girl.

Claudia said...

Wow, Katie has quite the wardrobe already!! I think having an older brother will make her tough so she won't fall apart everytime she gets a boo-boo. Julia cries for her mama every once in a while, but overall she's pretty tough. You're going to love having a girl! :)