Thursday, March 24, 2011

I be bizzy ... by Nathan

Whew!  I have been a super busy turkey this week!  Luckily Ma was there to document the highlights on her phone.

Friday ... I was way overdue for a new "do"!  As much as I love sporting a "Bieber", the shaggy locks were accentuating my rather large head and it was time for a cut ...

After ... chillin' at home with my Monkey and Binkie
I figured Ma was pretty tuckered out after the haircut so I decided to treat her (and Daddy) to dinner on the patio at Potbelly's.  After all, it was a beautiful spring day in Plano!
Yummy dinner!

Sunday ... Our house was getting dangerously low on strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and hot dogs so I took Ma to the g-store with me to stock up on the necessities.  I got a little bored while shopping and decided to work on my mad doctor skills with the stethoscope I found in Ma's purse.  And Ma was nice enough to let me pick out my own outfit ... I'm trying to create a trend with cowboy boots and pink head bands!

Monday  ...  Ma keeps talking to me about potty training.  Psh!  I don't know what she's talking about; I'm perfectly content staying in a diaper forever.  She bought me a "Nathan Potty" Sunday night which I think is pretty cool ... but refuse to sit on it naked!  I took it into the kitchen Monday morning while Ma was making my oatmeal and positioned it front of the oven so I could admire myself while "pacticin" going potty!

Notice the concentration on my face?
Tuesday and Wednesday were so-so ... and Ma forgot to take pictures of me being "Nathan" ...

Thursday ... it was a beautiful, sunny day!  The temperature was probably 75 degrees outside.  I don't know about you, but that's too dog-gone cold for my sensitive body!  So I put on my sweet bomber jacket!  Daddy says it looks like something from the 80's ... whatever that is!  Again, I love making a fashion statement so I wore my jacket Kris-Kros style with the front to the back (cause I'm wickity, wickity, wickity wack). 

Whew!  It's hard being a 2 1/2 year old!


Buffy said...

I love the Kriss Kross reference! Hilarious!

joannakitler said...

Tooooo funny! Love the pic of him in the grocery cart.

Shan said...

Hi-larious! And who needs potty training when you've got those mad writing skillz?

Claudia said...

Too funny!! I love the blonde highlights in his hair!

The Greaby Family said...

I love that he is bringing back the Kris Kross look!