Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Baby Jesus ... (and other Nathan-isms)

There is nothing more precious than the honesty of a toddler ... so pure and untainted. 

Below are some of my favorite “Nathan-isms” (as well as some of my favorite silly boy pictures) …

Nathan:  Knock!  Knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Nathan:  Banana! 
… (pause) … 
Nathan: oops.
…(pause) …
Nathan: Knock! Knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Nathan: Orange
Me: Orange who?
Nathan:  Oranges like to eat bananas!!!  (instead of “orange you glad I didn’t say bananas?”)


7 mos old: Love those blue eyes!!


Keen id up!  Keen id up!  Put in da trash man!
(Clean it up! Clean it up!  Pick up the trash now!)


10 mos: Who could say "no" to that?
One evening after bath time, Shaun had Nathan all swaddled up in his towel.  Shaun was walking through the house holding Nathan like a baby singing “Baby … Baby … Baby”.  Nathan quickly stuck his hand out of the swaddle and yelled: “Stop Da-ee!!  Jus stop!  I not Nasan!  I Baby Jesus!”

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future ~ President John F. Kennedy


1 1/2 years old:  The face of an angel!

Me: Nathan, what kind of dinosaur is that? (pointing to his stuffed triceratops)
Nathan: Tree-tops
Me: That’s right!  A triceratops!
… (pause) … 
Me: Nathan, what kind of dinosaur is that? (pointing to a small plastic triceratops)
Nathan: Baby Tree-tops!


Nathan: Ma, I nee yo fon!
Me: Why do you need to use my phone?
Nathan: I nee to mak a call.
Me: (duh!)


Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.  ~  Not Your Average Dictionary


1 1/2 years old: Looks to me like he's scheming for something.

Bukle up fo saf-dee!
(Buckle up for safety)


Nathan has my grace and is often running into things … couch, kitchen counter, table, etc. 
He also likes to have an open dialog with himself as well …
Nathan: Owie!  I bumted my head!  (pause)  You okay Nasan?  (pause)  Yeah, I fine.


Cubba yo mouf if you chocking
(Cover your mouth if you’re chocking)


Almost 2: Love that bed head!

Nathan’s bedroom and our bedroom share a wall.  I am usually woken up on Saturday mornings with the familiar sound of little feet kicking the shared wall …
Me: (Opening up Nathan’s door) Bubba, please don’t kick the walls.  It’s not nice.
Nathan: Aw, sawwy ma.
Me: It’s ok.  Just don’t do it please.
Nathan: Ok, ma.
Me: Why don’t you lay in bed and read a book while mama makes some coffee?
Nathan: Ok, ma. 
He gets his favorite book and gets back in his bed to read while I go about my morning routine of making my coffee. 
Then I hear it again … thump! thump! THUMP!!
I run back to his room to get on to him because Shaun is still asleep and I don’t want to wake him up (I’m a good wife like that!)
Just as I get to his door, I hear him yell …
Nathan: Don kick da walls … is nah nice!  (Don’t kick the walls, it’s not nice)


You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones


2 years old: Such a silly boy!

Nathan:  Sissy id a bad dog!
Me: Why is Sissy a bad dog?
Nathan:  She bum-ted me!
Me:  I’m sure it was an accident that she bumped into you.
Nathan:  Aw, is ok Sissy. (patting Sissy’s back)
Me: Is Sissy still a bad dog?
Nathan: Yeh, she a bad dog!
… (pause) …
Nathan: I like bad dogs!


Apparently I’m setting a bad example by calling Shaun “Babe” because when you ask who Shaun is, he says “Dat’s Da-ee Babe!”
And I guess I call Nathan “baby” too much because when you ask him his name, he says “I Baby Nasan!
And when I ask him who I am, he says “You Ma!!”


Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.  ~ James Arthur Baldwin

2 1/2: Oh, dear!


Lady Blachly said...

This was great! Love that sweet pea!

Sheri said...

This post made me smile in soo many ways! I am looking forward to following your blog more! Great pictures and tidbits :). Can't wait for K to start doing things like that!

joannakitler said...

I LOVE that pic of Nathan in the crib with his PJ's halfway off. He's such a happy boy!

Shan said...

Oh man, it's hard to decide where my favorite part was. This was awesome!

Mrs. MC said...

I love this post!! Toddlers definitely have a language all their own :)