Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day in the Life ... by Becky

I apologize for the lack of blog entries lately but this week has plum wore me out … I cannot keep my eyes open past 9:00 anymore!

As I was laying in bed this morning (at 4:40), I had convinced myself there’s some major vitamin deficiency in my diet that is responsible for this exhaustion …

The fact that I am 8 months pregnant, have a 2 ½ year old energetic son and work a full time job outside of the home apparently is not reason enough for me!

So, I charted out my typical day to try to find the crux of my fatigue.

5:30 AM
Get out of bed
Dry/Fix Hair
Apply Make Up
Get Dressed
6:15 AM
Walk to Kitchen
Make Lunch
Feed Sissy
Prepare Nathan's "Oatmook" (oatmeal) and place in fridge to cool
6:30 AM
Put Sissy outside to Potty
Wake Up Nathan
Attempt to get Nathan Dressed
6:40 AM
Let Sissy In
Eat Breakfast (Nathan has his Oatmook, Yogurt and Banana, I eat Cheerios and drink coffee)
6:50 AM
Wakey Daddy!!!  (go wake up Shaun and tell him good-bye)
This act usually involves the 2 boys wrestling for a few minutes or Nathan crawling into bed wanting to go "night-night with Daddy"
7:00 AM
Get my purse, lunch, coffee, Nathan (plus whatever toy he wants to take to Marilyn's) loaded into the car.
7:02 AM
Realize I left _____ (jacket, shoes, keys) back in the house!
Run back in the house!
7:05 AM
Pull out of the driveway and head to Marilyn's
Say morning prayers with Nathan
7:15 AM
Arrive at Marilyn's to drop off Nathan
Chit Chat for a bit
Give the boy hugs and kisses bye
7:20 AM
Leave for work
Make my daily call to Mama and Daddy
7:40 AM
Arrive at Work
11:30 AM
Lunch (which usually takes place sitting at my desk)
5:30 PM
Leave Work
5:45 PM
Home!  (I usually arrive home at the same time as Shaun and Nathan)
Feed Sissy dinner
Let Sissy out to potty
Help Shaun make dinner
6:30 PM
Eat Dinner
7:05 PM
Clean up from Dinner
7:20 PM
Nathan's bath-time (administered by Shaun)
Get Nathan's water, PJ's, bed around

*I usually spend this time checking my blog, Facebook or e-mail
7:35 PM
Naked Time (for Nathan)
This time was created by Nathan who likes to air dry after his bath by jumping up and down on his bed singing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"
7:40 PM
Get the boy dressed in PJ's and tucked in bed
Me and Shaun have to kiss Nathan, Monkey and Binkie
7:45 PM
Pick up house
Get coffee around for the next day
8:30 PM
TV time w/ Shaun!!
9:00 PM
Transfer my half conscious body from the couch to bed
Lay in bed and watch House Hunters

Fall asleep
11:30 PM
Shaun goes to sleep
Pee #1
Toss and turn to get comfortable
2:00 AM
Pee #2
2:30 AM
Toss and turn to get comfortable
Kick Shaun for snoring
Get a glass of milk because I'm hungry
Check on Nathan
4:00 AM
Woken up by BGL kicking me (probably because I rolled on top of her)
Toss and turn to get her to quit kicking me

Pee #3 (might as well, I'm awake)
4:30 AM
Give up on the idea of sleep and lay in bed plotting out the day (and my next blog entry)!

After thorough analysis of the above schedule, I know realize why I am so tired.  

It’s called life.


But, Life is also incredibly rewarding! 
And amazing! 
And fun!  
And exciting!

As exhausted and tired and worn out as I am; I would not change a single minute of my day!  When I’m laying on the couch watching TV (between 8:30 and 9:00), I look around the room … I see my sweet husband sitting next to me with the remote control in his hand, I see the lights popping on the baby monitor as Nathan happily chats himself to sleep, I see BGL squirming around in my belly, I see Sissy dozing on the rug by the back door.  

I see life. 



joannakitler said...

It's not like you start losing sleep the second the baby comes home from the all starts weeks before. I feel for ya girl!

Courtney said...

Thank you for clarifying who gets naked time... So true that life is just tiring!

Becky @ The Leverett Life said...

Joey ... no joke! I am looking forward to the baby being here b/c then Shaun can at least take care of the midnight feeding and I can get some rest!
And Court ... I admit, I've had my post bath naked time too! Just usually in the privacy of my own bathroom!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

Becky, that made me tired. Take care of yourself!