Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day in the Life ... by Becky

I apologize for the lack of blog entries lately but this week has plum wore me out … I cannot keep my eyes open past 9:00 anymore!

As I was laying in bed this morning (at 4:40), I had convinced myself there’s some major vitamin deficiency in my diet that is responsible for this exhaustion …

The fact that I am 8 months pregnant, have a 2 ½ year old energetic son and work a full time job outside of the home apparently is not reason enough for me!

So, I charted out my typical day to try to find the crux of my fatigue.

5:30 AM
Get out of bed
Dry/Fix Hair
Apply Make Up
Get Dressed
6:15 AM
Walk to Kitchen
Make Lunch
Feed Sissy
Prepare Nathan's "Oatmook" (oatmeal) and place in fridge to cool
6:30 AM
Put Sissy outside to Potty
Wake Up Nathan
Attempt to get Nathan Dressed
6:40 AM
Let Sissy In
Eat Breakfast (Nathan has his Oatmook, Yogurt and Banana, I eat Cheerios and drink coffee)
6:50 AM
Wakey Daddy!!!  (go wake up Shaun and tell him good-bye)
This act usually involves the 2 boys wrestling for a few minutes or Nathan crawling into bed wanting to go "night-night with Daddy"
7:00 AM
Get my purse, lunch, coffee, Nathan (plus whatever toy he wants to take to Marilyn's) loaded into the car.
7:02 AM
Realize I left _____ (jacket, shoes, keys) back in the house!
Run back in the house!
7:05 AM
Pull out of the driveway and head to Marilyn's
Say morning prayers with Nathan
7:15 AM
Arrive at Marilyn's to drop off Nathan
Chit Chat for a bit
Give the boy hugs and kisses bye
7:20 AM
Leave for work
Make my daily call to Mama and Daddy
7:40 AM
Arrive at Work
11:30 AM
Lunch (which usually takes place sitting at my desk)
5:30 PM
Leave Work
5:45 PM
Home!  (I usually arrive home at the same time as Shaun and Nathan)
Feed Sissy dinner
Let Sissy out to potty
Help Shaun make dinner
6:30 PM
Eat Dinner
7:05 PM
Clean up from Dinner
7:20 PM
Nathan's bath-time (administered by Shaun)
Get Nathan's water, PJ's, bed around

*I usually spend this time checking my blog, Facebook or e-mail
7:35 PM
Naked Time (for Nathan)
This time was created by Nathan who likes to air dry after his bath by jumping up and down on his bed singing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed"
7:40 PM
Get the boy dressed in PJ's and tucked in bed
Me and Shaun have to kiss Nathan, Monkey and Binkie
7:45 PM
Pick up house
Get coffee around for the next day
8:30 PM
TV time w/ Shaun!!
9:00 PM
Transfer my half conscious body from the couch to bed
Lay in bed and watch House Hunters

Fall asleep
11:30 PM
Shaun goes to sleep
Pee #1
Toss and turn to get comfortable
2:00 AM
Pee #2
2:30 AM
Toss and turn to get comfortable
Kick Shaun for snoring
Get a glass of milk because I'm hungry
Check on Nathan
4:00 AM
Woken up by BGL kicking me (probably because I rolled on top of her)
Toss and turn to get her to quit kicking me

Pee #3 (might as well, I'm awake)
4:30 AM
Give up on the idea of sleep and lay in bed plotting out the day (and my next blog entry)!

After thorough analysis of the above schedule, I know realize why I am so tired.  

It’s called life.


But, Life is also incredibly rewarding! 
And amazing! 
And fun!  
And exciting!

As exhausted and tired and worn out as I am; I would not change a single minute of my day!  When I’m laying on the couch watching TV (between 8:30 and 9:00), I look around the room … I see my sweet husband sitting next to me with the remote control in his hand, I see the lights popping on the baby monitor as Nathan happily chats himself to sleep, I see BGL squirming around in my belly, I see Sissy dozing on the rug by the back door.  

I see life. 


Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Thoughts (3/25/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

  1. The bluebonnets are starting to bloom!!! 
  2. Who decided that pink was the color for girls and blue the color for boys?? 
  3. I think I would like my dog more if she didn’t have any claws!  I can’t stand the constant ‘click, click, click’ in our house!
  4. Whatever happened to Kris Kross, Another Bad Creation and PM Dawn??
  5. Scientists can’t find a cure for cancer, but they can sure figure out a way to make Seedless Watermelons?! 
  6. The smell of Head and Shoulders shampoo and Jergens lotion makes me think of my Gram!  (Love her!!)
  7. What would the world be like if the caveman didn’t stand up on his feet?  What if he stood on his hands??  Would we wear shoes on our hands then?? And gloves on our feet??
  8. #7 has me thinking … Would we still write with our hands?  Or would our toes evolve to be opposable??
  9. I don’t know if I could deal with gloves on my feet … I don’t like the way it feels having things between my toes!
  10. Who is better?!  Bon Jovi or Def Leppard??  Hmmm …  

Written at 3:09 in 11 minutes on Friday, 3/25/11

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I be bizzy ... by Nathan

Whew!  I have been a super busy turkey this week!  Luckily Ma was there to document the highlights on her phone.

Friday ... I was way overdue for a new "do"!  As much as I love sporting a "Bieber", the shaggy locks were accentuating my rather large head and it was time for a cut ...

After ... chillin' at home with my Monkey and Binkie
I figured Ma was pretty tuckered out after the haircut so I decided to treat her (and Daddy) to dinner on the patio at Potbelly's.  After all, it was a beautiful spring day in Plano!
Yummy dinner!

Sunday ... Our house was getting dangerously low on strawberries, blueberries, yogurt and hot dogs so I took Ma to the g-store with me to stock up on the necessities.  I got a little bored while shopping and decided to work on my mad doctor skills with the stethoscope I found in Ma's purse.  And Ma was nice enough to let me pick out my own outfit ... I'm trying to create a trend with cowboy boots and pink head bands!

Monday  ...  Ma keeps talking to me about potty training.  Psh!  I don't know what she's talking about; I'm perfectly content staying in a diaper forever.  She bought me a "Nathan Potty" Sunday night which I think is pretty cool ... but refuse to sit on it naked!  I took it into the kitchen Monday morning while Ma was making my oatmeal and positioned it front of the oven so I could admire myself while "pacticin" going potty!

Notice the concentration on my face?
Tuesday and Wednesday were so-so ... and Ma forgot to take pictures of me being "Nathan" ...

Thursday ... it was a beautiful, sunny day!  The temperature was probably 75 degrees outside.  I don't know about you, but that's too dog-gone cold for my sensitive body!  So I put on my sweet bomber jacket!  Daddy says it looks like something from the 80's ... whatever that is!  Again, I love making a fashion statement so I wore my jacket Kris-Kros style with the front to the back (cause I'm wickity, wickity, wickity wack). 

Whew!  It's hard being a 2 1/2 year old!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I surrender ...

Between being REALLY pregnant, helping with my mama (and daddy) and just life in general, the past 2 weeks have been trying to say the least.  

During the trying times ... I have a tendency to focus on the negative.  
During the trying times ... I need to remind myself that life is one big ball of chaos that I cannot control.  
During the trying times ... I have to remind myself to surrender.

Surrender (according to Merriam-Webster):\verb
1a : to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand <surrendered the fort> b : to give up completely or agree to forgo especially in favor of another
2a : to give (oneself) up into the power of another especially as a prisoner b : to give (oneself) over to something (as an influence)

By surrendering, I am not giving up …I am "GIVING IN” to life.  I am opening up myself to live freely and without worry.  

I surrender to …
  • my growing belly
  • the precious parasite who will not.stop.moving.
  • being exhausted
  • the boy (who tried to take his potty with him to daycare this morning)
  • my rings not fitting my swollen fingers this morning
  • the beautiful weather (sunny and 85 today)
  • being stuck at my desk NOT enjoying the beautiful weather
  • everything in life I have no control over
  • all of my fears and worries
  • my discomfort (it will all be worth it … hopefully)
  • my husband (he can make the decisions for the next 2 months)
  • the dog hair
  • the dog hair
  • the laundry
  • the sheets (which haven’t been changed in WEEKS!)
  • the grimy bath tub (I scrubbed it a little bit with my foot while in the shower last night)
  • the stress of my family
  • the tears (they’re therapeutic)
  • my work goals that are due next week

Surrendering is a very simple exercise and it can be so effective when life gets a little hectic. 

I challenge you to surrender.  Make a list of everything in life that's bothering you right now and put the words "I surrender to" before each item on the list.  Next, read the list but this time from the perspective that you are letting go of each item on that list.  Continue to reread the list and focus on the weight of each item lifting off your shoulders.  Eventually the mountain of items will shrink to a mole hill of inconveniences and you will see life through a refreshed perspective.

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest ~ Matthew 11:28

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ruffles and lace and pink ... Oh My!

I have been apprehensive to say the least ever since December when the ultrasound revealed we were having a BGL instead of a BBL!

I have always been outnumbered by boys.  Growing up, my immediate  family consisted of me, my mama, my daddy and my 2 older brothers.  My extended family was my grandma, aunt, uncle, 1 female cousin and 2 male cousins.  When I met Shaun, I met his 3 brothers, dad and (poor) mom!  Long story short, I'm used to testosterone.  I prefer hanging out with the guys.  I can deal with boys and men much better than I can deal with girls and women.

Don't get me wrong ... I'm so excited to have a little girl, but still terrified of how I will manage the equal amounts of estrogen and testosterone in the house.

I compiled a Girls vs. Boys chart below to detail the reasons for my baby-girl-phobia ...

Now I am finding myself getting a little anxious ... no ... excited at the thought of a little baby girl.  This is evidenced through the following points:

  • The room remodel:  Obviously I love a good 'before' and 'after' project, but I am actually getting excited about all of the fun, girly decorating!   I actually dreamed of lime and raspberry polka dots the other night!

  • The hand-me-downs:  I have friends with daughters and am the proud recipient of TONS of their old clothes ... 8 - 50 gallon trashbags full of clothes!  I really don't think I will have to buy any new clothes for her until she's 2!!
Impressed with my organization??
Obviously I was stoked at all the free stuff!  But, good grief, this stuff is beyond C-U-T-E!!  I have laid out my favorites so far below ...
Green/White Gingham with Smocking??  ADORABLE!
Red/White Gingham diaper cover?  SERIOUSLY??
Strawberries??  I'm having flashbacks to Strawberry Shortcake!

Words can't describe the precious factor!
Ditsy Floral, Ric Rac, Plaid and Fruit?!  I'm giddy!!!
And have I mentioned the Diaper Covers??  Luckily it will be summer time when this little girl is born because I plan to dress her in nothing but diaper covers!
Um ... yep ... those are denim diaper covers ...
So, needless to say, the journey through preparing the material items for BGL's arrival is opening my eyes to a whole new world!  

And who says a little girl can't be cute AND messy?!  After all, I was one of those super cute girls with the pig tails, pinafores and patent leather mary janes covered in dirt from head to toe!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss it and make it better Mama!

I remember saying this when I had boo-boo's as a child.

Mama's kisses have magical, healing properties that Neosporin and Baind-aids don't have.

Growing up, I ALWAYS felt that Mama's kiss would make everything better.  But this past week, I experienced something that Mama's kiss couldn't fix.

My Mama, the one with the magic kiss, was sick ... and my kiss couldn't make it better!

Aside from the births of me and my brother's, the only time Mama was in the hospital was to visit friends and family. 

My dad noticed she was very listless, tired and groggy last Wednesday.  He thought she had a bug and was letting her sleep it off.  When he had a hard time getting her to wake up Friday morning, he decided to take her to the ER.  She was admitted for low oxygen saturation in her blood.  Basically her blood wasn't receiving enough oxygen and therefore depriving her brain and the rest of her body from air.  Over the next 4 days in the hospital, she was poked, prodded and examined and several other health issues arose. 

She was diagnosed with the following:
  1. Low Oxygen Saturation
  2. COPD  (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  3. Emphysema (which was just a matter of time since she was a smoker for 46 years)
  4. Elevated Red Blood Cell count
  5. Low Sodium Levels

I arrived at the hospital Friday afternoon just as they were moving her from the ER up to a room.  I have never seen my mama like that and hope to never, ever see her like that again.  She was incoherent and didn't even know who I was when she saw me.  I held it together until I was on my way home Friday night.  During that drive from Dallas to Plano, I broke down several times and cried, cried, cried.  I'm not sure who I cried more for ... my mama ... or my daddy.  My dad looked so helpless sitting there watching his partner of 39 years not even know who he was.  And my mama laid there sobbing because she didn't understand where she was or what was wrong.  All I could do was pray.

Over the next several days, pulmonologists, cardiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, nurses and doctors tended to her and addressed all of her problems one by one.  She had breathing treatments and steroid shots to strengthen her lungs which improved the Low Oxygen, COPD and Emphysema symptoms.  As soon as her lung functions improved, I started to see a glimpse of my mom again.

I knew she turned a corner when I called Sunday morning and Dad felt comfortable enough to leave her side and go home to take a shower and change clothes.

The next symptom to address was her elevated blood count.  This was remedied by a blood-letting.  That's right ... the same good old fashioned bloodletting administered to our ancestors in the ancient times to rid their bodies of illness.  Apparently the ancient science worked because she looked and sounded great when I spoke with her Monday morning.

Thank God!

During our conversation Monday morning, she told me how she needed to quit smoking.  These are the words I had been waiting to hear from her mouth for the past several days.  I knew this was something I could help her with ... this was my way to kiss her boo-boo!

I jumped into action to implement my plan:
  1. Clean their house ... check (actually I hired Dallas Maids to do the cleaning)
  2. Air out the house ... check (I had the windows open and the A/C running all day Tuesday)
  3. Laundry, Laundry, More Laundry ... check  (there's nothing worse to a new non-smoker than the smell of smoke on your clothes and bedding)
  4. De-smoke the house ... check (I threw all of her cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays away)
I visited her in the hospital Tuesday after tending to their house and she looked amazing!  At one point when we were talking, I caught myself wanting to roll my eyes at something she said.  I have never been so happy for her to get on my nerves!  I wanted to kiss her all over!  My mama was back!!

She was released from the hospital today (Wednesday) and the next few weeks will be filled with various therapists visiting the house for follow up in-home care.  She also has to go to a clinic once a week for the next month for subsequent phlebotomy sessions (bloodletting). 

Her journey to recovery is just beginning and she has a long road ahead of her, but my mama is a strong woman and I have faith in her (and God) that she will come through a stronger wife, Mama and Grammy.  Her healing kisses will be more powerful and healing than ever!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Thoughts (3/14/11)

Random Thoughts ... by Becky Leverett

1.  The number 1 thing on my mind right now is my mama!  She’s been in the hospital since Friday (hence the delay in my thoughts!).  As much as she can get on my nerves (she’s my mom, duh!) she is still my all time favorite BFF!!
2.  I’m so grateful to God that me and Shaun quit smoking when we did!
3.  Popcorn is my new food BFF!  It’s so yummy and guilt free!
4.  I think I decided on a name for this baby … I think!
5.  I think that throwing rocks is built into little boy’s DNA.
6.  I also think that kicking rocks is built into little boy’s DNA!
7.  If I stick with the baby’s name I like, then my family’s fist initials would spell “BNKS” (Becky, Nathan, BGL, Shaun)
8.  My husband rocks!  He was a single dad much of the weekend and managed to get the new closet door installed and chair rail installed in BGL’s room.
9.  My dad’s friend had a saying: “God made puppies cute so to prevent you from killing them when they chew up your furniture” … I love that saying!  It’s so true!
10.  I think the egg came first!

Written at 4:31 in 14 minutes on Monday, 3/14/11 (I had to take a phone call between 8 and 9 and totally threw off my mo-jo!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Baby Jesus ... (and other Nathan-isms)

There is nothing more precious than the honesty of a toddler ... so pure and untainted. 

Below are some of my favorite “Nathan-isms” (as well as some of my favorite silly boy pictures) …

Nathan:  Knock!  Knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Nathan:  Banana! 
… (pause) … 
Nathan: oops.
…(pause) …
Nathan: Knock! Knock!
Me: Who’s there?
Nathan: Orange
Me: Orange who?
Nathan:  Oranges like to eat bananas!!!  (instead of “orange you glad I didn’t say bananas?”)


7 mos old: Love those blue eyes!!


Keen id up!  Keen id up!  Put in da trash man!
(Clean it up! Clean it up!  Pick up the trash now!)


10 mos: Who could say "no" to that?
One evening after bath time, Shaun had Nathan all swaddled up in his towel.  Shaun was walking through the house holding Nathan like a baby singing “Baby … Baby … Baby”.  Nathan quickly stuck his hand out of the swaddle and yelled: “Stop Da-ee!!  Jus stop!  I not Nasan!  I Baby Jesus!”

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future ~ President John F. Kennedy


1 1/2 years old:  The face of an angel!

Me: Nathan, what kind of dinosaur is that? (pointing to his stuffed triceratops)
Nathan: Tree-tops
Me: That’s right!  A triceratops!
… (pause) … 
Me: Nathan, what kind of dinosaur is that? (pointing to a small plastic triceratops)
Nathan: Baby Tree-tops!


Nathan: Ma, I nee yo fon!
Me: Why do you need to use my phone?
Nathan: I nee to mak a call.
Me: (duh!)


Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.  ~  Not Your Average Dictionary


1 1/2 years old: Looks to me like he's scheming for something.

Bukle up fo saf-dee!
(Buckle up for safety)


Nathan has my grace and is often running into things … couch, kitchen counter, table, etc. 
He also likes to have an open dialog with himself as well …
Nathan: Owie!  I bumted my head!  (pause)  You okay Nasan?  (pause)  Yeah, I fine.


Cubba yo mouf if you chocking
(Cover your mouth if you’re chocking)


Almost 2: Love that bed head!

Nathan’s bedroom and our bedroom share a wall.  I am usually woken up on Saturday mornings with the familiar sound of little feet kicking the shared wall …
Me: (Opening up Nathan’s door) Bubba, please don’t kick the walls.  It’s not nice.
Nathan: Aw, sawwy ma.
Me: It’s ok.  Just don’t do it please.
Nathan: Ok, ma.
Me: Why don’t you lay in bed and read a book while mama makes some coffee?
Nathan: Ok, ma. 
He gets his favorite book and gets back in his bed to read while I go about my morning routine of making my coffee. 
Then I hear it again … thump! thump! THUMP!!
I run back to his room to get on to him because Shaun is still asleep and I don’t want to wake him up (I’m a good wife like that!)
Just as I get to his door, I hear him yell …
Nathan: Don kick da walls … is nah nice!  (Don’t kick the walls, it’s not nice)


You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones


2 years old: Such a silly boy!

Nathan:  Sissy id a bad dog!
Me: Why is Sissy a bad dog?
Nathan:  She bum-ted me!
Me:  I’m sure it was an accident that she bumped into you.
Nathan:  Aw, is ok Sissy. (patting Sissy’s back)
Me: Is Sissy still a bad dog?
Nathan: Yeh, she a bad dog!
… (pause) …
Nathan: I like bad dogs!


Apparently I’m setting a bad example by calling Shaun “Babe” because when you ask who Shaun is, he says “Dat’s Da-ee Babe!”
And I guess I call Nathan “baby” too much because when you ask him his name, he says “I Baby Nasan!
And when I ask him who I am, he says “You Ma!!”


Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.  ~ James Arthur Baldwin

2 1/2: Oh, dear!