Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Friends (Part IV)

The last three girls are our Northern Beauties!

Caroline ... Our Canadian Fly Girl!  We live vicariously through Caro as she is a flight attendant and travels to some wonderful locations!  But, since her name begins with a "C", she of course, is pregnant and not working.  She lives in beautiful Montreal with her husband, Kels and adorable son, Noah.  Their little girl is due at the end of February.
Putting poor Noah to work already!

Oh mama!!  Can't wait to see this little girl!

Amanda ... Miss Priss!  She is the youngest of the bunch and just as sweet as she is sassy!  She lives in Michigan with her husband Paul and "mini-me" Maddie.  Amanda shares her passion of everything girly with her little girl!  Bows, ruffles and fingernail polish (she is my "go-to" person in case BGL is super girly!)  I swear, both hers and Maddie's wardrobe will put a celebrities' to shame!
Amanda and "Amanda Jr!"
And just because she had a super fab-o wedding dress!!!

Buffy ... The Snow Bunny!  Buffy lives in Minnesota (pronounced "minn-eh-SO-tuh") with her husband Chad and spunky boy, Brady.  She had the pleasure of being a stay at home mom for the first 18 months of Brady's life and recently rejoined the full time working population.  It was rough at first, but she found a way to balance her work, being a good mom, having her "me" time and keeping a house ... it's called "little sleep"!

Buffy and Brady in their winter wonderland!
And those are my wonderful friends from around the world!! 

I love to imagine us all meeting up some day! 
The original plan was to meet this June or July, but those plans are on the back burner now since so many of us are in process of procreating and will have itty-bitty babies at home.  As of right now, the meeting is just a dream!

Unless, of course, someone super important reads this blog and realizes how our stories would make an awesome topic for a talk show. (Ahem ... Ellen DeGeneres ... )


Caro said...

AWWWWWEE!!!! I love it Becky:)! Well done.. xo

Claudia said...

As usual, awesome job!! I hope Ellen is listening (reading) :-)

Randi said...

Just perfect!!!!

Buffy said...

LOVE!!! What exactly is my "me" time? LOL

Buffy said...

...oh, and glad you picked up on the fact that I never sleep. SO TRUE! ;p

Shan said...

Dropping in from Mama Blog. BabyCenter is my crack... er, therapy, too. It's cool that you've all bonded so tightly. The ribbon story brought tears to my eyes.

Becky said...

Yay Shan! Thanks for visiting!!