Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Friends (Part III)

Since we've met, we've been through:

12 pregnancies (Countless pregnancy tests)
3 miscarriages
4 births
2 weddings
0 divorces
9 car accidents (we're not bad drivers!!!)
1 Homebirth
40+ birthday parties for the kids

Between the 15 of us, we've been married 17 times and gave birth to 24 babies

DeeDee ... Our Nordic Queen!  DeeDee met the man of her dreams but she lived in California and he lived in Norway.  So she did what any logical woman in love would do, she followed her heart and now lives in Norway with her 2 precious kids, devoted husband and her mother-in-law!  Sweet Brita Karolina shares Nathan's birthday and little Kjell was born this past July.
This is what she calls home ... absolutely beautiful!

Sweet BK loves her little brother!

Laura ... The Mama with a Cause!!  She and her husband Taylor live in Mississippi with their 2 kids (Henry and Liza).   She is a true pioneer in a world of progress!  This family lives without a TV!!  And, the most amazing thing of all, she gave birth to sweet Liza in her own bed ... by choice!!!  All of us begged her to stream the birth over the internet so we could all be there, but I guess there are some boundaries you just don't cross!  And she has a great blog where she speaks passionately about her family.
First family picture after Liza was born (in THAT bed!!!)

Courtney ... Mrs. Personality!  She lives in Georgia with her husband, Aaron and they have Claire ... a little girl who is just as energetic as Nathan!  Courtney is pregnant with their second baby and is due in July.  I'm hoping the baby arrives on the 4th of July and they name him (or her) a patriotic name.  Courtney also is also an amazing seamstress and has made outfits or bedding for most of the mamas in this group.
 **I'm sure you are noticing a pattern here ... basically if the name begins with a C (or B), then that woman is pregnant!

Poor Claire (I love this pic!!)
Bedding Courtney made for Liza's crib.

Julee ... Little Miss Outdoorsy!  She and her husband Jason have 2 sweet boys, Jackson and Eli.  The boys are three and a half years apart and are starting to show their brotherly love by fighting!  Needless to say, it's going to be a loud house for the next 14 years or so.  Julee is another Washington-ite and is surrounded by some beautiful scenery and this family takes advantage of it by camping when the rainy weather permits.  Also, she and Courtney swear they are going to be on The Amazing Race someday!
Julee (and Eli) on one of their many camping trips.

 As mentioned above in the stats, this group has been through a lot together!  Our pregnancies brought us together and the babies in heaven brought us closer.  Several of these ladies survived a horrible experience that no mama should ever have to go through.  They lost their sweet babies before they ever had a chance to meet them.  In the (almost) 2 years we have been friends, 3 miscarriages took place and each one was more devastating than the last.  I have not personally had a miscarriage, but it is still a very personal thing to me since it effected these women I love so much.  Each of the these women are (or are being) blessed with a rainbow baby (baby born after a miscarriage "they are the rainbow after the rain"). 


Buffy said...

Tears are in my usual. Love it!

Courtney said...

HAHAHA, I love that picture of Claire, too funny!!

Claudia said...

Love it! Great job!!

Rebecca said...

I've never thought about all we've been through in such a short time until I see the numbers. Good job, girl!

Caro said...

Awww, so nice! I love it:)

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Love your writing!! dd

The Greaby Family said...

I had to laugh at the 9 accidents out of 15 of us!! That is awful! REALLY we are not bad drivers! ( I don't think any of them were our faults were they???)

TheDearmanFamily said...

I love love love this, Becky!! What a sweet tribute!

Randi said...

I love it too!!!!